Monday, May 10, 2010

RMC Christmas Ball – November 21, 2009

Yes, I know this is months and MONTHS late, especially with Grad Ball creeping up this week, but I did want to hack out a little blurb about the Royal Military College Christmas Ball 2009.

IMG_4811 copy

The party was fantastic! Tickets were a little pricey, at $50 a piece, but considering the food and cheap drinks offered, it was well worth it.

IMG_4783 copy

IMG_4789 copy

The program. We were far more interested in the buffet and the dance party than anything else.

IMG_4782 copy

Each table had Danish butter cookies to tide us over until the buffet began. We were all dying of hunger when we arrived, so we stole an empty table’s cookie basket.

IMG_4793 copy

Just check out this fantastic menu! Jimmy definitely ate at least one of everything, going back for thirds I believe. I was surprised to find out that the dining order was determined by ranking. Luckily, our friends are ranked higher than the mass of undergrads, so we got first (or was it second?) pickings.

IMG_4799 copy

This is his last plate. Grapes, cherry tomatoes, prime rib, cocktail shrimp, smoked salmon with cream cheese, and celery sticks. I didn’t get a shot of our first plates because we all wolfed our food down.

IMG_4822 copy

As mentioned before, the drinks were ridiculously cheap, so we went all out. I took this picture midway through the night. We went through a lot more as the night wore on!

IMG_4781 copy

This is a mural. My friend and I went up to the stage to touch it, just to be sure.

IMG_4787 copy

The décor was quite pretty, though our friends mentioned that it was much better in previous years.

IMG_4807 copy

We waited far too long to get a picture with the bear ice sculpture, so his features have almost completely melted away.

IMG_4814 copy

The music was pretty good, and the dance floor was packed with bodies. I had a blast!

IMG_4840 copy

And of course, you can’t mention an RMC function without talking about “Dancing Queen.” I’m not entirely sure of the roots of the tradition, but basically, when “Dancing Queen” by ABBA comes on, all the guys rip off their shirts. I would have been floored if our friends didn’t warn me beforehand.

The food was great, and the music pumping! If you’re in Kingston and you know someone who goes to RMC, I’d recommend you check it out!

Monday, May 03, 2010

I'm Leaving...

... on a jet plane!

I'll be catching a flight to Toronto this afternoon. Then I'll be heading out to Taiwan and Beijing with some classmates and teachers from Humber College. I'll be gone for about two weeks. I'll leave you with some random pictures.

A tree in front of the skyline (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
(Courtesy of

Great Wall of China (Beijing, China)
(Courtesy of

Ciao for now!

~ Christine


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