Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rice Pea: Ottawa's Hidden Gem

This family restaurant pumps out food that's so addictive. To be more specific, I'm in love with two things on the menu right now.

How many places in Ottawa makes lamb skewers like these? Seasoned with some cumin, cayenne, salt, and a few other things, these babies reminded me of the lamb skewers in Shanghai. You get three skewers per order. If you haven't had this before, I recommend that you eat it while it's still really hot from the grill.

The noodles can be found under the noodle section. N02. It's such a satisfying bowl of their house-made noodles. Not many restaurants make their own noodles. I can only think of Hung Sum right now. At Hung Sum, their rice noodles are thicker and softer, whereas, the long noodles made at Rice Pea are thin and chewy. The bowl is seasoned with vinegary and underneath all the noodles is chopped garlic. If you love garlic, you'll love this dish. If you don't, stay away because you'll hate the chunks of garlic. We've tried a few other dishes on their menu that were alright. Those two dishes are the stars though.

Mom wasn't impressed by how homely the cuisine was. She would rather go to a buffet. I, on the other hand, have tried to visit this place often. I love this place. It's sneakily tucked away near the animal hospital, so be sure to give this place a try if you haven't already. You'll be able to have a taste of northern Chinese cuisine without having to leave Ottawa.

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