Sunday, December 09, 2007

Homemade Butter Chicken - Nov. 28th

Unlike the last time we had butter chicken, we didn't use a pre-made sauce. After talking with someone at work about the butter chicken we had, she was told that we needed tandoori masala, sour cream (or plain yogurt) and cream to make butter chicken from scratch. So being the person she is, my mom decided to go out, buy everything we needed, and try making it for herself. For about $3.00 at an Indian grocery store, we got this jar of tandoori masala. [I'm not sure what the address is, but it's across the colisseum on Carling. I'll find out where it is and add it on later.]
We had bought some cream, sour cream, and (a whole) chicken on the weekend and we still had some leftover naan that was in the freezer, so we had everything we needed.

To start everything off, we made some rice. We then cooked the chicken and added the tandoori masala to the chicken after it was cooked. Once we did that, cream and sour cream was added to finish everything off. We tasted it and I thought the flavour was weak, so I threw in more of the tandoori masala. We made sure to not boil the mix, because we didn't want the milk products to split.
My dad wanted more sauce so more cream was added to this. We turned off the heat and tossed the defrosted naan into the 350 degree oven.

The rice finished cooking, so my dad added a couple of chunks of frozen coconut milk and butter to the rice. Oh yeah, and I threw in butter in the chicken mixture... which made... Butter Chicken!! Yay!

"You can't have butter chicken without butter", I said, before adding some into the chicken mixture.

I prefer and suggest that you all go out and buy some tandoori masala or garam masala at an Indian grocery store to make butter chicken. It's not hard. Just follow my uh.. detailed and helpful steps above. I'll try to make a better version in the future. Well it's all based on your taste buds. The spice blend had a bit of heat, which I liked. If you don't like that much heat, you can add more sour cream to cool it down. Hope that helps. ^_^

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