Friday, January 11, 2008

Wontons in Bulk - December 22nd

Usually when I make wontons, I make one package of wonton wrappers. One package of wonton wrappers can probably yield over 40 individual ones. We usually turn the wontons into wonton soup too, so the wontons disappear real quickly. This particular night, I was going to a Christmas potluck party. I didn't want to run out of wontons because I was planning to make wonton soup for over 10 people, so I thought, "why not just make two packages of wontons?" For everyone who knows how long it takes to wrap wontons, you probably think I was crazy. I was originally planning to wrap them all and just bring the wrapped wontons over and make some soup over at my Kaitlyn's house, but I didn't have time.

Earlier that day, we went out for some dim sum and walked around town. I had no time to wrap them. I didn't have around 2 hours to spare. I decided that I'd just make the filling at home and bring everything to Kaitlyn's place.

Here's how I made the filling. I don't have a recipe; I just make it from scratch. I follow my nose. Toucan Sam should be proud of me. Do you think he'd try some of my wontons?

I took a large onion and cut it in half. I took one half and diced it really well. The other half of the onion was wrapped up and thrown into the fridge.

I took some frozen ground pork, defrosted it and put it in a large bowl with the diced onions.
I added some oyster sauce, chicken broth mix (I used Knorr. It was what we had in the cupboards), salt, sugar, pepper, chopped up soy beans, cornstarch and some sesame oil. I would usually add chopped green onions for that fresh taste, but I didn't have any.
Mix it all up and adjust the seasonings. I adjusted the ingredients like the oyster sauce and sesame oil by smelling it. Instead of cooking some to taste, I've learned to do it by smell. I learnt that it will usually taste the same as how it smells.
I packed the sesame oil and the chicken broth mix in a bag with the wonton filling and went to my Kaitlyn's house. There, I taught some friends how I wrapped wontons. After what seemed like 10 minutes, we ran out of wonton wrappers - there were seven girls around the table wrapping wontons after all.
I ended up deep frying them instead of making wonton soup. The first couple were close to being burnt because I had the oil up too high. They were still edible though.
There was a hockey game on that night and I didn't want to spend all night deep frying the wontons, so I only fried half of the wontons. I was planning to finish frying them in the second intermission if people still wanted them, but it was a slow night and most of the people were full from the other things people brought over. I ended up taking some of the left over wontons home with me.

The next day, I finished the wrapped wontons by making some wonton soup. Once the wontons are wrapped, it only takes 5 minutes to cook them. I realised that the filling I made was not meant for deep frying. They were meant for wonton soup. Why do I say that? Well, because I didn't add any green onions in the filling, the fried wontons were way too heavy by itself. When I made the soup, I added green onions (which I picked up that day) in my bowl. It tasted so much better than the deep fried ones. Oh well, next time I'll add green onions.
My wontons were good. How good? Everyone said that they loved my wontons. Is that not enough? Well, I was even proposed to. (Not seriously of course). I should write up a recipe so that you, too, can make wontons that capture people's hearts.

Always use protection. =) Happy New Years everyone!


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