Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chinatown? Pictures?

Good news: I finally went to chinatown!! Yaaaaaaaay!

Bad news: I didn't take any pictures though...

Why? Shock? lol I don't know. I had my camera with me.. we went to the House of Gourmet blah, blah, blah, restaurant and had my noodles, too! I'm thinking back to it, and it's pretty sad how I didn't take ANY pictures. You know what's also sad? I don't think that I've eatten there since... my day trip to Toronto. That's over a year ago! Man.. that's tragic.

I went to Kensington Market as well. What is Kensington Market? Well, it's probably two small streets with little shops. It's pretty cute. Since I've been going to school here, I've heard about Kensington Market sooo many times, but I've never known where or what it was. When some friends told me that it was right beside chinatown, I couldn't recall seeing a non-asian market in the area... so when my friend and I walked down to the market, I was very surprised. It's very close to the restaurant. I'd estimate that it takes about 5 minutes to walk from the House of Gourmet restaurant to the market.

I have an assignment that I have to do next week, and I'll have to go to Kensington Market again... so I'll have pictures up FOR SURE. I'm so excited.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather out ^_^  Here's a picture that I took for one of my location shoots. It's to remind everyone that it's still fall, despite the cold weather and, in some parts, snowfall.  (Edit: hmm, it wouldn't work when I tried to upload this medium sized. Meh.)

~ Christine


  1. Kensington is the best! Rice Bar, Rice Bar, Rice Bar!!

  2. Rice Bar? Get better and we can go when you're back in Toronto! =)


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