Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Hot Pot

Lucy and I wish that you have a very merry Christmas and have an awesome day! Good luck if you're going to be Boxing Day shopping tomorrow, too!


Last night, we needed to make something for dinner that was to serve 8 hungry people. The solution was hot pot. We went to Ottawa's T&T to pick up some meat and veggies.

Some of the things we ate:

Enoki mushrooms, napa cabbage and watercress.

Hot Pot7

Cuttlefish balls and fried tofu puffs.
Hot Pot1

Fish balls and fried fish cakes.
Hot Pot2

Shrimp wontons with snow pea shoots.
Hot Pot5

We also had tofu, sliced beef, pork and pork jowl.

Hot Pot4

Not pictured are the green onion pancakes and some dim sum dishes I picked up from T&T.

Once the soup started boiling, the only thing on our minds were to throw things into the soup and eat them once they were done. With our family, it's a free for all. If you put in something... say... tofu puffs, with the intention of eating them, but don't pay close attention to them cooking, other people will snatch them up. You can just ask Jimmy.

When our family has hot pot, it's a game of give and take. And that's why it always tastes better when you eat with more people. Not only is the company welcome, but the more things people put into the soup, the tastier the soup will be at the end of the meal.

Update: I just realized that we've had over 7,000 hits! Thanks for the support and have a great holiday!

~ Christine



  1. Merry Christmas to you too! I love hot pot with large groups. One of my favorite family activities. I love eating boiled napa with hot chilli oil. My favorite is the soft tofu. Looks like you guys had a great dinner.

  2. Happy new tear.
    So great that you have a happy dinner with your whole family.
    And...I like the hot pot too.

  3. These comments got lost in my email! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

    @nooschi: I totally agree with your soft tofu pick! The best part is when it starts to break apart in the soup, you end up with soft little chunks everywhere. Clouds in every bite!

    @ThaiVariety: Dinner time is always happy time with my family! Anything involving food actually. Glad to share the hot pot joy!


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