Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Sheep Hot Pot

We've had hot pot before, but Little Sheep hot pot experiences have been a nice change. With restaurants in Toronto (Ontario), Montreal (Quebec), San Diego (California), Houston (Texas), Japan, Macao, and Taiwan, to name a few, it has proved to be a popular restaurant. They company also sells hot pot mixes to bring their soups to your home.

A few years ago, my parents first experienced the Little Sheep hot pot in Montreal. Then in 2009, Little Sheep Hot Pot came to Ottawa. I was treated to their hot pot on a night with my mom and brother, Andrew. (I remember taking pictures, but I'm not sure where they went.) Spiced with herbs and peppers, their broth is totally different from the simple hot pot dinners I've been accustomed to. Instead of using a nice light broth and relying on the ingredients in the hot pot for flavour, Little Sheep's soups have flavour before you even begin - although the soup still tastes a lot better at the end.

Well, two nights ago, we were planning to make Phnom Penh noodles for dinner, my dad suggested we have hot pot instead since he found that some watercress were on sale in a Chinese grocery store. Then when we dropped by my grandma's house, my uncle brought out a Little Sheep hot pot broth mix that he purchased at T&T. Apparently the mixes are sold at a variety of other Chinese stores.

I had wanted to have some noodles and it's a good thing, too, cause the soup was very tasty with the rice noodles - even as we were just starting the meal.

Taken with my uncle's Blackberry, here are some pictures.

A close up of the soup.

And an overall shot.
We had shrimp, slices of pork, beef balls, bok choi, watercress, tofu, tofu puffs, rice noodles, and glass noodles. We were missing two things though. Ice and a good drink to help cool us down from the heat.

We laughed every time someone choked on the spiciness of the soup, until it happend to us. The hot pot was refilled twice, which helped us finish almost everything on the table. Everyone left the table full and happy. And you know what? I think you should try Little Sheep hot pot out, even if it's at home with one of their hot pot stock mixes.

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