Sunday, June 17, 2012

Waiting for Ribfest 2012

Saucy ribs from 2011

Ottawa’s 21st annual International Chicken-Rib Cook-off begins this upcoming Wednesday (June 20th, 2012). We're planning to go on Thursday and bring the ribs home to eat. Having gone downtown to pick up ribs for family dinners a couple of years now, I’d say that Lucy and I are prepared for this year’s competition. We’ve come up with a plan of attack to help the less experienced:
  • Bring cash, patience, and depending on whether the weather will cooperate, you might want to consider bringing sun screen and a hat (for waiting in the sun) or a raincoat and an umbrella (if it thunderstorms).
    • A full rack of ribs have been going for $22, beans and coleslaw have been an extra dollar
  • Go with at least one other person and split up. Try different stalls.
  • If it's possible, avoid the long lines by going before/after the lunch and dinner rushes.
    • The stands open from 11am - 10pm
    • It'll be packed from Friday - Sunday
  • Some stalls didn’t have any type of branding on their paper take-away boxes, so if you’re like us and you like to know which stall made what, bring a pen or marker along.
  • Unless you plan to eat at one of the patios on Sparks Street (you have to buy a beverage from them to have access), you should bring re-useable bags.
  • Bring wet naps or hand sanitizer. You can grab a pile of napkins from the stalls, but you’ll need something to clean your paws – even after you lick them clean.
In the past few years, the competitors at the Ottawa ribfest sold their tasty goods at these prices (give or take a few dollars).

Read about our experiences of the past competitions:

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