Saturday, December 15, 2012

Italian Sausage Hash

After reading blogs and watching food shows, I've come across something called hash. No, not that hash. I mean, the hash made by chopping and cooking a variety of ingredients together. That's quite the description, huh? Okay, let me be more specific. What I saw was potatoes, corned beef, and onions being cooked together on a griddle. Seemed easy enough.

Earlier last month, I began scavenging for some breakfast/brunch one morning and found a package of italian sausage meat. Bingo.

Potatoes and onions were peeled and diced. To cook everything off, the onions were sautéed first and then the italian sausage was browned off in two batches. The uncooked diced potatoes were stirred in. A bit of water was added into the pot to deglaze the goodies at the bottom of the pot. I tasted a bit of the hash. It was tasty! Good thing I didn't add any salt. The italian sausage seasoning actually seasoned the onions and potatoes so well. I couldn't wait until it was ready to eat. A bit more water was added to the hash and then the lid was placed on top to allow the potatoes to steam. I suppose I could've cooked the potatoes to avoid doing this. Ah well.

The potatoes were almost cooked through and there was still a some water at the bottom of the pot, so we added a few eggs and close the lid again. To my horror, I lifted up the lid and found the eggs practically fully cooked. It was terrible! My timing was waaay off. I wanted the yolks to be creamy not cooked through.

I grabbed some toast and dug into the hash. Dad enjoyed the italian sausage hash with a bowl of rice. Despite the cooked egg, the hash was remarkably tasty! The heat of the italian sausage was pleasantly balanced by the soft potatoes and sweet onions. I'll definitely be making this again in the future.

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