Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sad Basil, Pho & Westfest

First off, I'd like to update you all on the basil growing in our herb garden.

The bugs are still snacking on the herbs. Since the plants were moved away from the other herbs and flowers, only a few bugs have gotten to them. With all of the rainy dark overcast weather we've had in Ottawa over the past two weeks, the three basil plants are all looking yellow and frail. They are craving heat and lots of sun!

VN and I were going to check out Westfest last week but then decided to try our luck for Sunday. The weather networks were calling for sunny weather. Instead, we went to a friend's BBQ where there were nachos, sausages, burgers, lots of drinks, and hilarious board games. Here's the pitchers of sangria. Mmm... blackberries.

Mom caught a cold last week and so we had homemade pho. The soup was made with pork ribs. It was  a fantastic pot of pho! The iced coffee made my lunch that much better.

I checked out Westfest later in the afternoon. The sunny hot weather was much needed -- and this is coming from someone who loves winter over the summer. To cool off, VN and I grabbed some iced tea at DavidsTea. VN recommended the fruity Buddha's Blend tea. She went with the Pineapple Oolong tea.

With our cold drinks in hand, we went looking for some good eats along Richmond Road. There were some ladies making spinach and cheese-filled parathas. It was very tempting. VN chose to try Railroad Ribs' pulled pork sandwich, while I just kept sipping on my iced tea.

This was my first churro experience. It was so warm, crisp, and yummy! We left Westfest before the bands began playing. I'll check out more of the food options and the concerts next year.

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