Sunday, January 12, 2014

Last Meal of 2013


When Andrew and I got home from work on New Years Eve 2013, we were surprised when we were told what we'd eat for dinner. Raw malpeque oysters, from Cooke's Cove, on the half shell as an appetizer, and for the main course: steak, scalloped potatoes, gravy, buttered veggies, and salad.



I didn't know how to eat raw oysters. Some people just swallow the oyster without chewing it. But what's the point? I read that a lot of people just chew it a few times before they swallow the oyster. I squeezed a drop of lemon juice, slurped it up, chewed it twice, then down the hatch. It wasn't bad at all. The briny taste of the sea, a hint of oysters, and lemon was great! The oysters disappeared in a flash.

I'm not a steak person, so the steak dinner was so-so. Dinner was a little too fancy for my taste. Did you end your 2013 with a great meal?

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  1. I prefer just some citrus and relish the texture combined with the subtle cucumbers, or like metallic offal, beefy, mild melon. the Malpeques that I've eaten have had a cabbage-lettuce-celery finish.


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