Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dumpling Bowl


Not long after the Bubblicity reopened as the Dumpling Bowl, Richard went with some friends and said that the place was great. "They make their dumplings in house," he added. Sounds good.

When MO and I met up for a snack, we weaved through groups of high schoolers and sat by the entrance. I liked that their menu selection is so small. In my mind, the smaller the menu is, the more likely there's better quality control. Check out their full food menu here.





We started with the (#106) Salty Crunchy Fried Chicken ($6.99). Some pieces were very juicy. There were too many crunchy pieces of pure breading for my liking. I'd have to be craving popcorn-style chicken to order this again.

For the dumplings, we got the pan-fried (#203) Pork and chives dumplings. Normally, you'll get 15 pieces of boiled dumplings for $8.99. For an extra $1.50, they'll not only pan-fry the dumplings for you, but they'll even throw in your choice of dipping sauce: sweet chili, thai peanut, spicy mayo, and teriyaki sauce. There's black vinegar and soy sauce at each table, so you can personalize your own dipping sauce. I prefer dipping the dumplings in a mix of vinegar and soy sauce (with a ratio of 3 parts of vinegar to one part soy sauce).

Be careful when you eat these. Some of these are so juicy that you'll make a mess. I'd bite off a corner of the dumpling, sip or pour out the juice, dip, and then consume. If you're hungry, order at least two plates for yourself and enjoy. The dumplings were simply good. I wish they would offer soup dumplings (aka xiao long bao) in the future.

If you'd like to take these home and cook them yourself, Dumpling Bowl sells their handmade dumplings in frozen bags. They'll turn those bowls of noodles or soup into something that's more filling.


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