Sunday, September 30, 2007

Suuuuu... sheeeee..! - September 3rd

Sushi. Do I like it? Nah. Does everyone else I know like it? Like it - they LOVE it! Why? Why does everyone like sushi that much?

When I heard that we were going to my aunt's house for lunch and it was going to be sushi, I quickly made and ate a sandwich. Unless I wanted to starve, I needed to eat something before we left for their house - no offence to my uncle. I'm just not a sushi fan.

Two plates stacked with all kinds of sushi to feed 5 people (I counted my little brother and my cousin together) is more than enough, in my opinion. I must say that my uncle makes sushi pretty well, this coming from someone who doesn't care much for it. He made me a sushi I even liked once. He created a pork floss with cream cheese norimaki. How creative of him.

Shall I start describing what kinds of sushi my uncle made? Let’s start with the left plate. There's fresh salmon nigiri, tonkatsu (well, we used chicken fingers, but we'll say that it was tonkatsu) with cucumber and avocado, fake crab with cucumber, cream cheese and black and white sesame seeds.

On the right plate: more fresh salmon nigiri, smoked salmon with cucumber and avocado, shrimp with cucumber and avocado with rice and some deep fried panko bread crumbs, and some more smoked salmon with cucumber and avocado with roe. I don't know the proper names for them. There's no need. Everyone was happy.

Here's another picture of the plate, just so all you sushi lovers can drool some more.

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