Sunday, March 02, 2008

Costco Goodness - January 9th

Yes, hello there. There's a lot to catch up on... let's get to it!

I'm sure everyone has been to Costco before - I still call it Price Club. When we go to Costco, it's always around lunch. I used to love going because of all the samples, but I've kinda grown out of that. After we shop around and pay for it all, we try and find a table at the food court (if you can call it that). Oh yes, we're one of those people who help fill the tables, for what seems like all day.

They don't have much on the menu, but their hot dogs and fries are amazing. Not only do they taste good, but they're so cheap! A ¼ lb. all beef hot dog and a drink (with free refills) for only $1.99. Come on. That's so cheap! Oh, and if you're feeding a group of people (like we do) we just get hot dogs for whoever wants one and then get fries to share. I mean, they're only $1.99 for them - and they're good! I believe they use Cavendish fries, because they taste and look like them. So you can feed a group of 6 people for less than $20.

During the summer, we usually share the hot dogs and save space for some ice cream at the end. Their ice cream is awesome! Vanilla and chocolate soft serve ice cream all in a waffle cone. They give you so much that you can share it too. I can't remember the price of the ice cream, but I'm sure it's under $1.99.

How can you not go to Costco and not eat at the food court? You shop after you eat? Are you dumb? Next time, go before lunch so that you can experience the cheap, but delicious, food.



1849 Merivale Rd
Nepean, Ottawa
(613) 727-4786‎

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