Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Korean BBQ and hot pot - February 13th, 2008

It was one of those nights where I was getting sick of our rotation of foods at home. How do I take a break from it? It starts with figuring out what I wanted to eat, and at that time, my brothers were craving Korean food. Sure, why not. I started to butter my parents up for it, with the help of my brothers of course. We convinced our dad and my mom was dragged along (not literally). To Bulgogi Garden!

Can't remember our exact order, but we had one of the marinated beef orders (for the grill) and one of the hot pots.

To start, we were each given some miso soup. Mmm..

Next, we were given a bunch of little things to eat with rice and whatever you ordered (called banchan).

I remember that when our waitress brought everything for the grill, she started placing everything on the grill for us. I'm sure she was only trying to be helpful, but it was kinda annoying how she kept coming back and checking our meat.

Our hot pot looked pretty impressive. It looked exactly like the picture in their menu. The bad thing about it all was that everything cooked all at once, when we didn't want to eat it all at once. The pile of meat turned into a cooked meat ball. That wasn't fun. The soup was good. I also liked the thicker and firmer glass noodles they used. If they want to keep the presentation, they just need to keep a platter of veggies and meat separate from the soup.

We found it expensive, but we were all full and it was a warm meal for a cold night.



702 Somerset Street W,
Ottawa, ON


  1. I love hotpot! If you're ever in the Westcoast, Richmond is the hotspot for hotpot :)

  2. When I go to the Westcoast, that is... I will stuff myself silly! ^_^ Doesn't Richmond have everything? lol


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