Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Making of Xiao Long Bao

I know I'm not finished my posting yet.. but my mom and I tried to make soup dumplings for the first time earlier today, and it was sooo good!

After reading about soup dumplings for so long (probably the past year), I finally decided to try to make it - with my mom's help, of course. My mom can probably make any food out there. How? No clue. But it's almost always really good. lol Almost. I found a recipe online for the dumplings, just as a guideline and made the jellied soup yesterday (by taste), meat filling (I used the filling for pot stickers.. same thing, right?), while my mom made the wrappers from scratch. I didn't take any pictures cause I was busy wrapping, then cleaning, then eating. Here's someone else's picture of soup dumplings though.

The dumplings just tasted like really juicy pot stickers. =) It was funny trying to watch my little brother trying to pop the whole thing in his mouth. I was expecting a scene like the explosive pissing beef balls in God of Cookery (skip to 7:09 to see what scene I'm talking about.. and watch part 6 to see them start up their business) Hahaa.. I love it!

Happy New Years!

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