Sunday, November 15, 2009

Giant Breakfast

I'm sure everyone has had this happen to them; you intend to have a smaller meal, but one thing leads to another and you end up having a feast.

I slept in this morning, as I've been exhausted all this week. Getting back to the grind of things is tough when you're out of sync. By the time I actually got up and out of my room, it was 1:30. As soon as I opened by door, the perfume of bacon filled my nostrils. I wandered to the kitchen and found one of my roommates frying up some bacon and hash browns. He offered some bacon and I offered to make pancakes in exchange, since we didn't have any bread. I planned to have two pancakes, some bacon and an egg for breakfast with a glass or two of orange juice.

While making the pancakes, I accidently added too much liquid so I had to balance it out with dry ingredients. I made 4 pancakes at first - two for my roommate, two for myself. I fried up my over easy egg and polished off my plate quite easily. I started to clear the table when I noticed that the two bananas on the tables were getting really ripe to the point where it's almost over ripened. I had to use at least one, I thought. I still had pancake batter left, so I finished it up and made 3 more.

My next plate was two pancakes, peanut butter spread on top, and quarters of the sweet bananas, with a cup of coffee.

Once finished, I realized how much I've eaten. I haven't had the time to eat breakfast lately, since I've been struggling to get good rest. I'm so full, but so happy right now. If only it was Saturday today so that I could sleep in again tomorrow. If only...

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