Friday, November 06, 2009

Moan-Inducing Cakes from Card’s Bakery in Kingston

Chocolate cake from Card's Bakery

For the past few years, Card’s Bakery has been my bakery of choice. I often dropped by for a small pick-me-up (lemon-cranberry loaf, brownies, seasonally decorated sugar cookies, cupcakes) while heading home from grocery shopping at Food Basics. It’s an inconspicuous store-front, but if you take another look, you’ll see a few elegant wedding cake displays in the window.

It actually wasn’t until last year that I started ordering cakes (Cakes by Krista) for special occasions that I really fell in love with the place.

This year, I ordered two cakes: one for Jimmy’s brother’s birthday and one for Jimmy’s own birthday.

Chocolate cake from Card's Bakery

I ordered a small chocolate cake (one size up from a baby cake, but one size down from the 9-inch) with mocha filling and buttercream icing. This cost $22, I think. I wish I took a video of everyone’s reaction when we ate our first bite. There were moans and gasps!

Dragonfly detail

The cake was so moist and dense, it was almost fudgy! The mocha filling didn’t stand out much because of the richness of the cake. The buttercream, however, was able to stand up to the cake and made each bite creamy, with a touch of sweetness. I loved the fact that the cake itself wasn’t sweet and relied on the filling and the icing for the sugar hit. Some people were scared off by the massive amount of icing (about a quarter inch thick!), but it wasn’t too sweet as long as you ate it with the cake and not on its own.

Chocolate cake from Card's Bakery

Since Jimmy liked the chocolate cake, I ordered a similar one for his birthday. It was a 9-inch chocolate l’orange (chocolate with a hint of orange) cake with mocha filling and chocolate icing. Because it was larger, it cost $35.

This time, the icing was spread thinner. I also noticed that the chocolate icing wasn’t as sweet as the buttercream. I enjoyed it, but Jimmy preferred the creamy punch of the buttercream more. He was also a little put off by the texture of the grated orange rinds in the otherwise smooth cake. I really enjoyed the subtleness of it all, so I thought he was nuts. In the future, though, I’ll be buying him the basic chocolate with buttercream.

Flower detail

Although the first cake’s mocha filling didn’t impart any flavour to the cake, I hoped that it was a fluke. Unfortunately, the filling didn’t do much for Jimmy’s cake either. I think I’ll ask for a fruity filling—something lighter that can withstand the cocoa’s assault.

I completely overestimated how much cake we would eat, so there’s still two-thirds of a cake sitting in our fridge. Not that I’m complaining, of course!

Thank you for two beautiful and delicious cakes, Krista!

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Card's Bakery / Cakes by Krista
304 Bagot Street
(between Princess and Queen)
Kingston, ON
(613) 544-4448

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