Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lunch at Jadeland - Oct. 5th

Lucy and I had some errands to run downtown, one of them being in Chinatown. I was hoping to get dim sum when we arrived at Jadeland, but we were too late. Not really sure of what to order, we decided to keep it simple and familiar.

Stir-fried rice noodles and beef. We used to order this all the time, until I learned the name of my noodles. People say that this dish show how good the chef is, as it takes really quick, yet gentle hands, and a really hot wok (for the smokiness). This is known as "wok hei".

Lunch at Jadeland 1
Today, the noodles were a bit lacking in seasoning. There was a bit of smokiness present, but it wasn't strong enough. I usually hate bean sprouts in anything because of the flavour, but the bean sprouts in this dish didn't have any. The chef added a bit of ginger to this, as well, which was a nice surprise. It helped cut down the grease a bit.

The second dish we ordered was the sizzling beef. I believe it was called Cantonese style beef, under the sizzling plate category of the menu. If you've been following the blog, you know I love this dish with noodles.

Lunch at Jadeland 2
The beef wasn't tenderized to the point where you're questioning if it's actually meat. And the chunks of tender beef were pretty large. The amount of sauce was decent, while the taste was fine.

We weren't expecting anything spectacular from Jadeland. It's no House of Gourmet, but we knew that.


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