Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dim Sum Overload - Oct. 8th

One of my cousins from Toronto had been working in Ottawa for about a year. She was moving back to Toronto that weekend for a new opportunity and wanted to treat everyone to lunch. There were 12 of us there.

Round 1:
We had ordered quite a bit at the beginning - or so I thought.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 1
Rice noodle rolls with youtiao. The youtiao wasn't soggy this time. They served it with some Hoisin sauce and sweet soy sauce. There wasn't any peanut/sesame sauce in sight, unfortunately.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 2
Squid tentacles that were dipped in a batter, instead of the traditional dry coating.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 3
Shrimp ha gow. They were a bit over steamed. The skins fell apart when you tried to grab one.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 4
Seafood chow mein. By the time I took this picture, most of it was gone. 

My cousin also ordered a plate of my noodles (aka rice noodles with beef and chinese greens), but I forgot to take a picture of it. The sauce was very bland. The only thing saving it was a hint of smokiness and lots of soy sauce that was on the table.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 5
Fried turnip cakes.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 6
Rice noodle rolls with shrimp. As you can see, they were stingy with the sweet soy sauce. Does anyone know how they make it? I've read that all they do is add sugar to regular soy sauce, but I don't think that's the case.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 7
Deep fried shrimp balls. They were alright. I still think Yangtze makes it the best, but I haven't been there in ages, so I'm not so sure if it's still good.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 8
Deep fried taro dumplings with minced pork filling.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 9
Pork and shrimp siu mai, along with some deep fried glutinous rice dumplings filled with minced meat.


Round 2:
My cousin ordered some more items, as everyone inhaled the first round rather quickly. More of the usual: siu mai, cheun fan (steamed rice noodle rolls), etc.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 10
Lo mai gai (lotus leaf wraps).

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 11
Scallop ha gow. The scallop had been pureed and mixed with shrimp. I wish there had been more scallops, maybe even chunks of scallops.

Some desserts were ordered at this point, as everyone started slowing down.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 14
Egg tarts.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 12
Steamed buns filled with "custard", and red bean paste filled glutinous rice balls. The "custard" wasn't a proper custard, but rather a moist eggy cake. Disappointing.


Round 3:
One of my uncles dropped by from work. Since we didn't have many savory dishes on the table, my cousin ordered even more! Everyone was full at this point. Just keep this in mind.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 15
Steamed squid.

Seaking Restaurant: Dim Sum 13
Chicken feet in black bean sauce, siu mai and another plate of my noodles was ordered, among other dishes. This time, the sauce was flavourful and a lot more smoky. Unfortunately, I had no more space in my stomach. With a few more bites, everything was finished.

And that was lunch. Everyone left with full stomachs and a bit of a waddle.

I'm going to miss my cousin, but she's only down Highway 401. Thanks for an awesome lunch!


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  1. Wow we are going to Ottawa on the american thanksgiving weekend, thank you so much for the restaurant review, we are going to put on our list of places to go.


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