Thursday, December 02, 2010

Blueberry Lake Resort: Family Outing

The last time I went to Blueberry Lake Resort was during the Thanksgiving weekend. Last weekend, a bunch of our family went out to one of the cottages there. Most of the family went ahead on Friday and although I wanted to go with them, I had prior commitments.

Instead of leaving with them, my uncle, my cousin and I went up Saturday afternoon. At first, we were going to pick some snacks up at McD's, but since I didn't want to get car sick, we were going to get something half way. We ended up snacking on some beef jerky in the car - we were that hungry. Once we met up with the family at the cottage, a quick dinner was made.

BBLR Dinner 1

There was leftover marinated meats, bok la hong, sa lo gako and gapit pao. My dad also barbecued some more marinated pork and some chicken. Now, I'm not a fan of rice so I went the sandwich route for dinner instead. I took some baguette (that my aunt bought from Costco), put some marinated meat, some chicken and some bok la hong. I tried to look for some pickled carrots, but was too hungry to look through the pretty empty fridge. Okay, so I was lazy.

BBLR Dinner 2

My sandwich is like the Vietnamese banh mi, but Cambodian style.  I had to be careful and avoid all the dried shrimp. I just don't like the taste. Look at all the dried shrimp!

BBLR Dinner 3

After making two sandwiches and inhaling them, while watching both the Sens and Leafs game and the Habs and Bruins game, I was very happy. Not only because the Sens won, but also because my stomach was filled.

Earl Grey Tea

That night, we played some pool in the basement and played cards by the fireplace. We relaxed in the hot tub outside and then made some warm drinks before playing more cards. I chose to make some milk tea. I wish there was vanilla extract somewhere, so I could turn my Earl Grey milk tea (sugar and coffee whitener) into a London Fog (sugar, coffee whitener, tea and vanilla flavouring).

BBLR Breakfast 4

I made another sandwich for breakfast, but instead of using the marinated meat or chicken, I used my grandma's legendary pork floss.

Everyone else had leftovers, breakfast sausages, eggs, and home fries/hash browns/potato.

BBLR Breakfast 3
BBLR Breakfast 2
BBLR Breakfast 1

We had breakfast, cleaned up the cottage, packed up and headed back to Ottawa. Despite there being a few too many people there aka not enough being enough beds (a few people had to sleep on the couch *ahem*), it was a fun weekend. Definitely too short, but a good weekend. We'll definitely be going back to the resort. I'm just hoping that when we do, I'll get to sleep on their comfy beds AND we won't have mainly Cambodian food.

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