Thursday, December 02, 2010

Bobby's Table

The last time I went to Dunn's, I enjoyed it. My parents were not impressed, though. After doing some research, I found Bobby's Table. Based on some articles written, it sounds like Bobby's Table is a reincarnation of Nate's.

Bobby's Table 2

Anyway, on our way back from Blueberry Lake Resort, Andrew and I convinced my parents to try it out. Their location is past the Emerald Buffet (formerly known as Du Barry) on Montreal Road. It's just past Marier Ave. If you weren't paying attention, you could easily miss it.

Bobby's Table 1

We ordered two smoked meat sandwich platters to share. Since we arrived half an hour before they were closing, my mom had wanted us to get takeout, but that probably meant that we'd have to eat in the car. Instead, we chose to sit at one of the tables by the window and enjoy our quick snack.

When the two platters arrived, I immediately noticed that the sandwiches weren't as large as Dunn's. It's not all about quantity, though, so I reserved my thoughts. My mom wasn't impressed. She said that the meat at Dunn's tasted better, but it still didn't compare to the smoked meat at Kardish. She noticed that the pickles were the same as they served at Kardish, that the bread was from the Rideau Bakery, and the fries were home fries (my mom meant that they cut the potatoes on site).

Bobby's Table 3

I thought the flavour of the smoked meat was a bit lacking. There wasn't enough punch. I liked how the smoked meat was sliced real thin, though. The fries were also very good. I believe they came straight out of the fryer. I wish we ordered some of their homemade desserts, they looked so good! As for Andrew, the first thing he said was that he liked the coleslaw at Dunn's better. I asked for his thoughts about the sandwich and the smoked meat, but he was just starving and needed food so he couldn't tell how good it really was.

In the end, my parents reminisced about their days at Kardish Deli and how they used to eat the end pieces of the smoked meat (probably the most flavourful pieces), fries, gravy and coleslaw. They got so into it that we almost went to Dunn's to satisfy their craving. All the talking also got my dad thinking why we haven't been to eat Montreal smoked meat in Montreal. We've been to Montreal so many times, but have never tried Schwartz.

I can't wait to try to get end pieces at Dunn's. And I'm also eager to see if Dunn's will satisfy my parents. Schwartz is probably a few months away, so I'll try not to get excited about that too soon.

For all those Ottawa residents reading this, what is/was your favourite smoked meat experience in Ottawa?


Bobby's Table
225 Montreal Road
Ottawa, ON
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  1. I am so glad that we disregarded your review of Bobby’s Table and went there for the first time just before Christmas. After Christmas shopping all day on the 23rd, my husband, two sons and I went to Bobby’s for dinner. We all loved it!! My husband had the king size platter. It was more than he could eat. Our sons (aged 6) each had a milkshake and shared a regular platter. I had a Lou-Lou’s club. It was one of the best clubs I’ve had. The fries were hand cut and cooked to perfection – golden and very crispy.

    My husband I went to Nate’s regularly before it closed. Bobby’s is so much better than Nate’s was. Bobby’s is cleaner, brighter, and better smoked meat and fries.


  2. Hi Sandra, I'm glad your family loved Bobby's Table. We also had amazing fries; perfectly golden and crisp on the outside, while the innards were fluffy.

    I only started eating smoked meat about a year ago, so my experiences are limited. Don't get me wrong, Bobby's Table is tasty, but I think my expectations were a bit too high. I gotta stop going in with expectations!

  3. people this is not montreal schwartzs and smoke meat pete are hand cut (true art) and more like a smoked brisket .you cannot compare to lesters meat bobbys offer great bread fries and pickles,you cannot ask for more stan

  4. Bobby's Table are the old staff of the closed down Nates on Rideau Street. Bobby is the cook and Billy his brother manages it.

    If you want to try something really good, try their eggs benedict...unreal!

  5. Hi Shelby, thanks for dropping by! I'm rarely in the east side, but if I get another chance to go back to Bobby's Table, I'll be sure to try their eggs benny. I heard their sugar pies are really good, too.

  6. lesters is the best- hands down!!! i've been all over and will never waste money on bad smoked meat (schwartzs, im talking to you!) lesters all the way- any foodie will agree!!


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