Monday, May 16, 2011

Tea in Asia: Day 12 - Last Morning in Asia

Our last morning in Asia was depressing. Breakfast didn't help much. Since we flew back to Hong Kong before their breakfast buffet opened, the hotel packed us some breakfast. How thoughtful of them…

The lovely LD displayed some of the contents that were in each plastic container. We were given a boiled egg and a stale sandwich of ham. Lovely...

They also packed each container with a stale BBQ pork bun and two almond cookies. Oh, I remember that they give us a tangerine as well. Breakfast was quite humbling.

To be more harsh, our last meal in Beijing was a great representation of our stay in China. I felt really unwelcome and I felt ripped off. Instead of giving us more time on the Great Wall of China or ordering meals with better food, they tried to get us to spend money at tourist trap markets, and they ordered us a meal with sliced ham and french fries. But as my mom reminded me, "What do you expect when you go on a tour in China?"


I don’t know how to end the series of articles: Tea in Asia 2010. With the help of this blog and the photos I took, I’ll never forget about my trip to Taiwan, Beijing, and the airport of Hong Kong. I’ll never forget how comfortable I felt while biking in the streets of Cijin District. I definitely won’t forget about the Great Wall of China either.

I have many regrets about the trip, but I am so glad that I went. Despite what others might say, the trip was well worth it. Thank you to Humber College, CY, DA, DG, and PI for organizing the trip. Thank you to all the guides we had during our whole trip. Thank you to the former Kaohsiung Hospitality College for being such amazing hosts when we were in Taiwan.

(Music starts playing)

Thank you to everyone that went on the trip who made the trip so enjoyable. And finally, I want to thank my mom!

(Exit stage right… err… left.)


  1. Lol, you are hilarious! You did such a great job at reporting how you experienced both ethnic and food that caters to tourist. I agree I also felt very unwelcome in Beijing and everywhere we went was a trap to spend spend spend. But it was worth it as the positive out ways the negative. THANK YOU...LB

  2. Hey LB, thanks for taking your time to read and comment! The trip was definitely worth it, but our potential trip to Taiwan in the next few years will be ten times better! ;]


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