Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gaspé Trip: Day 7

The family spent most of the day in Quebec City after leaving from Rivière-Ouelle. We spent the last morning of our roadie on driving west. We past the depressingly dark clouds around Rivière-Ouelle and found sunny bright skies in Quebec City. It was a welcome change after the past couple of rainy days. We were all hungry, so we parked in Old Quebec City and searched for lunch.


We found a cute bistro along Rue Saint-Jean. It wasn’t as busy as other restaurants and their menu looked good.


EU had their lasagna. It doesn’t look that great, but this was a classic example of how looks can be deceiving. Although there wasn’t much cheese, the lasagna tasted might fine.


My aunt ordered the grilled salmon salad. She didn’t say much about her dish. I think she would’ve enjoyed lunch much better if there was steamed rice. One of my uncles also got the grilled salmon salad.


Grandma had the duck confit with apricots and mashed potatoes. I tried a few bites and it was pretty good.


Grandma couldn’t finish it all, so she made my uncle a sample plate.


AU and one of my uncles had the steak and fries special. We were all surprised and disappointed at how tiny the steak was. AU was more disappointed when he cut into the well-done steak when he asked for it to be cooked medium-rare. He surprised the waiter when he asked for them to fire up a new steak because it was overcooked. Once he got the new one, he was as happy as can be.


My other aunt had the shrimp salad sub. She said that the shrimp was quite sweet, but the dish was a bit too simple.


MT had a smoked salmon plate.



I had the beef bourguignon with a side of grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes. This dish was absolutely amazing! My uncle loved the beef bourguignon, too. The beef was so tender that it broke apart when I applied the smallest pressure with the back of my fork. The stewing liquid was also tasty with the mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish the tender beef because somebody beat me to it… *ahem…*



And finally, my other uncle got the moules frites, I’m guessing he was still missing Europe. His only complaint was that the mussels were overcooked.

Out of all the dishes ordered, I think my beef bourguignon and my grandma's duck confit were the only dishes that weren't a rip off. The steak was tiny, the mussels were disappointingly ordinary, and my aunt's shrimp roll wasn't that good. The restaurant is a tourist trap after all. I'd still go back if the beef bourguignon was on the menu though.

We slowly walked back to our parked vehicles after lunch. It was the first time during the trip that we enjoyed hot and sunny summer weather. I loved it, but MU was melting in the heat. I guess my trip to Taiwan helped with my tolerance of heat.

We drove to Montmorency, Quebec, to see the waterfall. I wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon there, but my aunts had other plans. We spent a few hours there and then went to Montreal for dinner.

By the time we arrived in Montreal, the chef at Marché Kei Phat had already left. We picked up some groceries and then drove down the street to a sushi restaurant (which is owned by my uncle’s younger brother) called Sushi Ryori.

I have no idea what we ordered because we just got a sample of a bit of everything.






I didn’t take any pictures of the tempura, sashimi, two bowls of noodle soups and other rolls we ate. The kids were simply too hungry to wait. I don’t blame them.



We had the deep fried ice cream for dessert.

It's hard to gauge how good the restaurant was because they just made us a bit of everything. I'm also unsure of whether the large size of the rolls are typical of this restaurant. We'll need to revisit Sushi Ryori next time we're in Montreal.

That night, I wanted to stay in Montreal but my uncle needed to go home and sleep.  And since Ottawa was so close, we all just drove home. I don’t think anyone had trouble sleeping that night.


Les Frères de la Côte
1190 Rue Saint-Jean
Quebec City, QC
Les Frères de la Côte on Urbanspoon

Sushi Ryori
4696 Rue Jarry Est
St-Leonard, QC
Sushi Ryori on Urbanspoon

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