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Wonton Egg Noodle Soup and Dinner at the HK Airport

Aunty wanted to bring out some Caprice des Dieux cheese that another friend bought her. The cheese came from France this time. She said that it was quite strong and that it had been in the fridge for a few weeks. I was willing to try it.


When the lid was taken off, the pungent smell of the soft white cheese poked my nose. It was quite smelly, but I wasn’t deterred.


That is, until I took a bite. I needed two bites of baguette with the apricot jam to get the taste out of my mouth. The cheese is apparently supposed to be served room temperature. I think the cheese would taste much better with fruits.


Breakfast was really light because we wanted to try some wonton egg noodle soup for lunch. I was giddy all morning – I couldn’t wait!

Law Fu Kee Congee and Noodle Restaurant
G/F, 144 Queen's Road Central
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2543 3881

Law Fu Kee Congee and Noodle Restaurant was packed when we arrived. We had to wait outside for a table, which was surprising because it was pretty late (2 pm). It was probably the end of the lunch rush. Aunty told us that this was her go-to restaurant for wonton soup, congee, and fish balls. In fact, the fish balls are famous.

When we were finally sat down on a tiny table, I looked around and noticed that everyone had a bowl of wonton soup or congee, a plate of veggies, and a plate of fish balls. That had to be a good sign. I love restaurants that serve a tiny menu.


Aunty did the ordering. (Head over to Camemberu's write up for the menu.) We started with some veggies with the braised beef brisket soup. Nice! The soup was slightly thickened with what felt like over boiled tendons.


Aunty ordered a bowl of congee and a bowl of wonton soup for herself. She mentioned that you can't go wrong with ordering their congee. She frequently drops by after playing golf, just for a comforting lunch.



AI and I got the wonton egg noodle soup. The wontons were hiding underneath the al dente egg noodles. The shrimp wontons were small, but they were sweet and soft. It would've been nice if they were a bit larger, but it's okay. They were quite bouncy and juicy. The shrimp wontons complimented the egg noodles so well.


Dad tried their beef brisket and tendon egg noodle soup. The brisket and tendons were tender and soft – not over boiled at all. I hate when you take a bite out of the brisket and the meat gets stuck between your teeth.


Aunty said that we needed to try their deep-fried fish balls. Bring it on!

These were bouncy and very tasty. I didn't think the fish balls tasted too fishy. It was quite mild. I tasted hints of orange zest, which was a pleasant surprise. The random bursts of orange helped cut through the heaviness and this made it dangerously easy to eat the fish balls. There was some salty preserved clams for dipping as well. It was like soy sauce. No wonder everyone in the restaurant ordered these!



We kept ordering more stuff so they kept updating the receipt. I liked how they gave you the receipt right away, because it shows you what you ordered (although I couldn’t read it). Btw, Coke in the glass bottle tastes better than the canned stuff.

I highly recommend this small shop for a bowl of wonton noodle soup and deep-fried fish balls.



After our late lunch, we took a taxi to the Golden Bauhinia Square. Because we were there on a Sunday, the area was packed with locals, tourists, and housekeepers/nannies (who usually have Sunday off).


There was some event going on. A marching band lead a flock of little kids, awards were handed out on an outdoors stage, and there were teams of young cheerleaders gathered around the square. *Shrug*



After taking photos along the Wan Chai waterfront, we walked a few blocks away and took a double-decker bus back to Aunty’s place. The bus didn’t take us right up to her place, so we either had to walk up or take a taxi up.


We opted to walk up to her place. Let me repeat… we walked up. There were a few steep flights of stairs to go up the mountain. It’s quite the workout.


I took a bit of a break near the top of the stairs. I hid how winded I was by taking a shot of this beautiful tree. You’ll see a lot of these when you’re in Hong Kong. After a quick breather, I continued my way up.

We had a much-appreciated break. During the evening, Aunty told me to look at the ICC (International Commerce Center). The building apparently lights up everyday around 6 pm. It looked so amazing despite the hazy weather.

I really enjoyed the scene from Aunty's balcony. It was surreal that I was in Hong Kong. I just stood there, taking it all in and cooling off from the breeze. After the lights from the ICC building stopped lighting up, I began playing around with the camera and got this shot.

Our bags were packed and we departed to the Hong Kong International Airport. For dinner, we were brought to another fancy-shmancy restaurant called Maxim's Chinese Restaurant.

They served salted peanuts and tiny dried fish, while we waited for our food.


During dinner, we had Ti Kwan Yin tea. I can’t remember what this tasted like, but I liked how they added the name of the tea you’re drinking on the teapot. They should do that everywhere, especially when you get two kinds of tea. It would also be helpful if you were given a separate teapot filled with hot water. How many times have you poured yourself a teacup full of hot water accidently?



There was a plate of BBQ pork (not pictured) and BBQ duck, which was served with a plum-like sauce. BBQ duck, plum sauce and rice go so well together! The soy sauce that was drizzled over the duck also tasted good on rice. Yup, I enjoyed the rice that night. The duck wasn’t gamey at all. It was quite juicy. My uncle mentioned that the goose here wasn't as good as Chiu Chow Garden's version.

A bowl of noodle soup was ordered too. The soup wasn’t that great and the noodles snapped apart when I tried to eat them. It was a forgettable bowl of noodle soup.

My uncle ordered pork soup as well. The fragrant soup was intensely packed with pork flavour. We were given a plate of the pork and veggies that was boiled to make the soup. A dipping dish of soy sauce was served with the pork, since all the flavour was boiled out into the soup.

We boarded our flight to Guilin, China, soon after dinner was over. It’s so nice to have actually decent restaurants in the airport… I’m talking to you Ottawa and Toronto.

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