Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon!

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year everyone!!

Yes... even you.

Yeah, I know you're not Chinese..

... ahem

This image was taken in Guilin, China. Read more about the wall here.

While Monday is technically the Chinese Lunar New Year, our families celebrated the holiday together during this past weekend.


We didn’t have as many dishes this year, cause we noticed that we always had too much leftovers.

One of my aunts tried to make head cheese with wood ear mushrooms, pork ears, tongue, and meat. I was expecting to bite into firm cartilage, but I never did. It tasted pretty good!

My other aunt made the bean curd wrapped pork sausages.



A plate of shiitake mushrooms with napa cabbage and winter melon with chicken and carrots.


Cha siu, roast pork, roast duck and marinated squid from Double Happiness in Chinatown. The BBQ pork (cha siu) was very flavourful. The squid was the opposite. It was bland and needed more marinating.


A pot of seafood soup containing: fish maw, fish balls, napa cabbage, chicken, dried abalone, and sea snail.


Instead of making zang (aka zongzi, nom asom, banh tet), my aunt tried to make patties. Now that’s using your head! She fully cooked everything prior to assembling it all together with the help of cling film. This takes a fraction of the time and fried up real well.


Look at the patties being fried to a golden crisp. They almost look like gu chai gue.


We ran out of chow mein pretty early. How about a balanced bowl of chow mein and rice? Double carb action!

I hope the year of the dragon will be good to everyone.




Want to see what we ate in the past?

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you girls! The food looks amazing! We always have tons leftovers too, haha. After seeing your post, I regret not taking some good pictures of the food I had! I never thought about adding noodles to the menu, but I like how it represents long life. Does your family make tongyuan as well on new year's day?

    By the way, thanks for dropping by our blog, it means A LOT. This is my favourite food blog every ;)!

  2. Thanks for your support as well. It's always nice to see that there are still people interested in this blog.

    We have made tangyuan (the glutinous rice balls) before, but we didn't this past weekend. Speaking of which, we've been trying to make a decent red bean paste filling but to no avail.


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