Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Breakfast in HK: Tsui Wah Restaurant


Our flight to Taiwan was scheduled to leave sometime after noon, so we had plenty of time to enjoy breakfast that wasn’t dim sum or smoked salmon – not that there was anything wrong with those two choices. We were brought to the Tsui Wah Restaurant. I hear it's a popular chain.

I’ve always seen restaurants offer Hong Kong breakfast fare, but I thought the restaurants just made it up. Take the macaroni soup with ham. Really? In Hong Kong?


Yes really. And of course HK has to take it another step and add in abalone. Hahaa!


Some of us had the macaroni soup set, while everyone else got the instant noodle one. Why I didn't try the macaroni soup is beyond me.


They used Nissin instant noodles. Yum! The tender satay beef didn’t taste like the satay I’m used to, which was a good thing. While I liked the mild satay flavour, Mom thought it wasn’t impressive. But that’s what I like about the Hong Kong style breakfast – it’s not that impressive. Okay, ignore the abalone in the macaroni soup.



Aunty had a lemon tea to drink. I chose milk tea. Mmm…. Milk tea.


Buttered toast with condensed milk? Okay! I was surprised I still had space in my stomach after finishing my over easy eggs, toast and bowl of instant noodles. The milk tea helped everything go down easily. I wished that I could've had another cup of milk tea to enjoy on the car ride to the airport, but that was just being greedy.


For the bill, we were able to pay it off with our transit cards. The staff didn’t accept them at first. They explained that the payments couldn’t be split between the cards. After we pleaded our case, one of the managers reluctantly accepted and swiftly left the scene.


On the drive to the airport, the blue skies and bright sun beamed happily. I couldn’t wipe my smile off my face. I knew how lucky I was; being able to travel overseas and experience the things we did without my health becoming an issue.


This also made me smile. I’ve seen signs that warned drivers of deer, moose, ducks, and turtles, but cattle on a highway?

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