Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homemade Hummus in Five Minutes


As long as you have a food processor or even a blender, you can make homemade hummus in about five minutes. We just made the basic hummus. You can tweak the "recipe" however you want. (I put "recipe" in quotations because our household believes that recipes are just guidelines.)


You’ll need a can of chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans).



A few cloves of garlic (we used five cloves for a spicier and stinky hummus), a few tablespoons of tahini (we used about 2 tbsp), a bit of olive oil, lime juice (we juiced one and a half limes), zest from half a lime, salt, black pepper and water. After a few pulses, you’ll have to scrap down the bowl. Everything was blended until relatively smooth. We adjusted the consistency and the taste as we went along.

That was it. All the flavours balanced well and tasted great with some fresh pita bread. I liked a bit more olive oil so I mixed some in at the top, though I should've just mixed it in a small bowl.

The small can of chickpeas was able to fill one of our round containers. It'll probably last us two weeks, unless we get more fresh pita bread, greek pita bread, or naan bread.

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