Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Bayshore Farmers' Market

Earlier today, we checked out the Bayshore Farmers’ Market. It’s open from 11am – 6pm every Wednesday. Located by the bus station, the small market was packed with moms and their young children. There was a very long line up to get a balloon animal!








The fruits and vegetables looked very welcoming, but we wanted to buy something to eat for lunch. There wasn't much so on our way out, I picked up a full loaf of their dynamite caramelized onion potato and dill bread ($5) from the Art Is In stand. Their other baked goods looked really good; croissants, cookies, baguettes, etc. We ended up eating the dynamite bread the next day in Waterloo.

We'll definitely visit the market throughout the summer. And you should too! Local produce taste so much better than the imported stuff. Local produce won't be available in the larger grocery stores until a later in the summer. Last year we bought some amazingly sweet local peaches. Don't believe me? Go buy some and try them for yourself.

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