Friday, July 13, 2012

Choux Pastry - July 2009


I found some more photos while cleaning out my external hard drive that were neglected. There were two folders that documented our choux pastry making days. These photos are from July 2009, after our loc lac dinner. I vaguely remember any details. I’m not sure what recipe we used, though it was most likely found on a food blog somewhere on the interwebs.

I remember that we simmered water and butter first, then added flour, stirred the mixture, then took the pot off the heat and added one egg at a time, making sure the previous egg was properly mixed into the choux dough. It was a different cooking method – that’s for sure.


They looked okay and somewhat resembled photos of raw choux pastry. The pastry looked like it needed some more flour to tighten up or something. The tray was popped into our toaster oven and baked until they were finished.

I must apologize for the light contamination. In any case, they looked and tasted great! I remember that they tasted like the honey crullers without the honey glaze. It wasn't until sometime afterwards where I found out that it's made from the same pastry.

Lucy brought out her guns and whipped up – literally – some whipped cream with some icing sugar. We ate the choux pastries with the whipped cream (not pictured).


On the following day, Mom made another batch of choux pastry. I took a few blurry images, then we ate them all, and continued on with our day. The end.

Thanks for reading such an informative and interesting piece of writing. (Sarcasm)

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