Sunday, October 07, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello to everyone! Lucy and I wish that your families have a lovely long weekend.

It's Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow (Oct. 8th) and Columbus Day in the States. We'll be hosting our family Thanksgiving dinner tonight. I'll have a new post about our feast tomorrow. To our neighbours down south, America's Thanksgiving is on Nov. 22nd later this year. But I know that many Canadians and Americans alike, travel across the border on these holidays to celebrate with their families and loved ones. Have a safe trip and be safe!

~ Christine and Lucy

Thanksgiving 2011: We went to Blueberry Lake Resort and had a steak dinner.
Thanksgiving 2010: I (Christine) had two big dinners; pot roast and my first experience in making a turkey dinner
Thanksgiving 2009: A Truly Excessive Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving 2007: Thanksgiving Dinner

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