Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Homemade Spinach Dip


Earlier this month, we were rummaging through the fridge when we discovered blocks of cream cheese. It was like treasure hidden in a cave. Who needs blocks of gold? We also found some spinach in one of the drawers too. Add cream cheese and spinach together (along with some other ingredients) and you get a snack that you can't stop eating.

Can you believe that Richard has never had spinach dip before? I told him that places like Milestones and Bâton Rouge serve them as appetizers.

In any case, Richard quickly did a search for recipes and glanced through a couple to get an idea of the basic ingredients. Then he just whipped it up. It was so good the first time that the family requested a second batch the next day. The spinach dip tasted surprisingly similar as the first batch. The only difference was that there was more spinach and less cream cheese. Here's what he used:

Richard's Spinach Dip

1 small onion, diced

One bunch of spinach, blanched
1 block of cream cheese
Season to taste with Cool Runnings All Purpose Seasoning
Season to taste with garlic powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, salt, and black pepper


He was going to dice up two small onions, but Lucy told him otherwise. The onions were sautéed with some butter and oil.


Richard took one bundle of spinach, washed it, blanched it, roughly chopped it, then mixed it with the sautéed onions. The cream cheese was stirred into the warm onions and spinach, then we seasoned it with some "Cool Runnings All Purpose Seasoning." You can use garlic powder, cayenne pepper, salt, and black pepper if you like. But really, you can season the spinach dip with whatever you feel like.

Since our family loves cheese, we scooped the spinach dip into a ramekin and topped it with slices of cheddar cheese. The spinach dip was popped into our toaster oven and baked for about ten minutes. But if you're impatient like us, you can also nuke the spinach dip until it's warm (without the cheddar cheese topping) and then adding the cheddar cheese before broiling the spinach dip until the cheese becomes golden.


Lucy and I personally love eating spinach dip with warm fluffy flatbread, but you can serve the spinach dip with corn chips, veggies, or crackers. Hell, you could probably spoon it out of the bowl and it it like peanut butter. #fatlikethat  She also tried spreading some spinach dip in a sandwich. It apparently turned out really well.

On another note, Richard made some sort of pasta sauce with celery, onions, tomato sauce, and a bunch of herbs we had in the kitchen. It was overly salty and the herbs were too heavy. He admitted to not tasting the sauce before serving. Fail... Come to think of it, he didn't taste the spinach dip either.

You can probably make the spinach dip form scratch in less than ten minutes and eat it even quicker. It's an addictive snack. We're thinking about making a giant batch and Aunt IS' crab dip for our Christmas dinner. We'll have more appetizers, less turkey and fixings, but more desserts. Sounds awesome!

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