Friday, January 18, 2013

Brunch: Maple Ham Omelette


Sometimes when you rummage through the cold box, you get inspired by the contents inside. Then sometimes the fridge is just empty and you just stare at nothing in particular. This was one of those lucky times where ingredients seemed to scream a dish. Eggs, maple ham, mushrooms, red peppers, cheddar cheese screamed omelette to me.


I took out all of the components and began the prep: maple ham, onions, and red peppers were diced. The mushrooms were sliced and then set aside.

Eggs were cracked and scrambled with milk, black peppers, and some sea salt.


I sautéed everything, but the eggs, on the griddle with some salt and black pepper. Once everything was done, I dumped the scrambled eggs and let it all cook together. There was enough to make three generous omelettes.

My omelette just had ham, onions, and cheese.

My parents enjoyed their omelettes with rice and pita bread with a strong cup of coffee. Mom added some three cheese ranch dressing to her omelette and pita. I had mine with a pita bread as well. What a tasty brunch!

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