Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kim's Restaurant: Awesome Take-Out Containers

Happy new years everyone!

Back in December, Andrew came back from Waterloo for the Christmas break. He mentioned that he had missed certain foods while being away from home. One of the things that he craved was my noodles and dim sum, which was music to my ears. "No prob!" I told him.

Lucy and I went out and ordered some take-out from Kim's Restaurant. Using my new smartphone, I looked up the menu and asked for some shrimp balls (A-11), two orders of rice noodles with chicken (FN-04) with the sauce on the side, and stir-fry veggies with cashews. When we picked them up, we made sure we had hot sauce and chopsticks. We brought the goods back home and enjoyed a late lunch.

On a related note, read about my past experiences at Kim's Restaurant here.
You get four shrimp balls to one order. Somebody took one before I snapped this shot. There was a small container of some kind of sweet chili sauce for dipping. The shrimp balls were as good as I remember. They were bouncy and juicy shrimp balls. I mentioned this before, but I wish there were green onions for some added freshness.


The sauce came in plastic containers, which Lucy loves. They're reminiscent of the sturdy Teriyaki Experience to-go containers. These containers are the best! Just give them a wash once you're done with them and then you can use them to pack your lunch for the next day.

Anyway, the noodles came in the styrofoam containers. The smells that came off of the noodles were smoky. I forgot to ask them to hold the bean sprouts.

We all found the sauce bland. Very disappointing. It's too bad because the three or four other times I had the noodles, the flavour of the sauce was spot on. I hyped these noodles a bit too much.

The contents of cashew stir-fry looked a bit off. I'm not a fan of celery, ever since Lucy and I ate tuna salad sandwiches all day one summer day. I also spied what looked to be canned mushrooms and bamboo. Lucy didn't enjoy the celery, canned mushrooms, and canned bamboo. "If they're going to use canned mushrooms, why even put it in?" She vented. I totally agree. The only component I was really interested in were the cashews.

Andrew wasn't home for lunch, so I saved him a little bit of everything and set it aside. He barely ate any.

Although the sauce for the noodles were really disappointingly bland, I'd still go back to Kim's Restaurant for those noodles. I'll remember to ask for no bean sprouts next time.



Kim's Restaurant
1766 Carling Ave.
Ottawa, ON
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