Saturday, March 16, 2013

Authentic Vietnamese Pho House


The first time I saw this restaurant, the Authentic Vietnamese Pho House, was earlier last summer when I picked up some groceries at the Metro. I swear I smelled pho when I walked through the parking lot. Am I going crazy? Am I just craving pho? I thought to myself. I shrugged it off and didn't think about it until Richard mentioned that there was indeed a pho place in that plaza. He said it was decent. I made a mental note.

Sometime back in October, I dropped by for a quick bowl of pho and an order of spring rolls. The pho was good. I've been on a lookout for a new pho place that's closer than Chinatown. The last memory of going out for pho was with VN at Koi Asia -- and it wasn't a good memory either. The soup was extremely salty and didn't resemble the old Pho Mi 108 soup as it had in the past. 

(For those who didn't know; Pho Mi 108 was bought by the current Koi Asia owners and apparently kept some of their staff to do their Vietnamese dishes. At first, their pho and spring rolls retained the same flavours after their take over. However, over a few months, their pho standards began to steadily drop. I'd only order their Chinese dishes from now on.)

CA and I have gone to the Pho House more than twice. During our first dinner there, she explained that she used to be a pho addict back in university (after I introduced it to her). Since then, she's had mediocre experiences at multiple restaurants and pho just wasn't the same anymore. That's until we began inhaling our bowls of pho at the pho house. A week later, we both went back for more pho after we both had a long day at work.

Sometime later, I received a worrying text from CA out of the blue: "I think I have a problem."

Holy crap! What happened? Thoughts raced through my mind.

My phone buzzed again. "I want pho again" she admitted. We just had pho twice in just over a week.

I tried to console her: 
"Well, you've done well. The first step to getting better is admitting that you have a problem. :p I'm proud of you. As a former pho addict, I've learned to control my urges for pho. Pho no longer controls my life. And I just want to say that I'm here from you. :)"

That was back in October. Fast forward to a few nights ago on Pie Day; we went out for a quick dinner. CA ordered the pho with rare beef and beef balls. I got their hu tieu with chicken and rare beef. It would've been nice to see some banh pâté chaud (Vietnamese meat pies) as a special Pie Day option. Ah well.


We received a plate of vibrant herbs and bean sprouts soon after. As we waited for our bowls of noodle soups to arrive, we got our dipping dishes ready with some Sriracha and hoisin sauce.


Oh yeeeeah! Mine came with wider rice noodles, slices of napa cabbage, fried shallots, and soup made of chicken. Both of our noodle soups were tasty.

The small restaurant is located across the police station on Greenbank Road, inside the Greenbank Hunt Club Center. You no longer have to venture out from Nepean for a good bowl of pho.

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  1. Owner of Authentic Vietnamese Pho House:

    Thank you for the delightful post on Urban Spoon and your blog spot!
    What a well written and humorous blog you both share :) We are so happy you found your go to pho restaurant without having to venture out to Chinatown.

    Your business and comments mean so much to our family and we will always strive to provide you with tasty Vietnamese food for many more years to come. See you again soon! Please...introduce yourselves next time you are in. Cheers

    -Peter Tran


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