Wednesday, March 20, 2013

HK-Inspired Wonton Noodle Soup

Mom and I had a craving for Hong Kong-style wonton noodle soup. I knew we wouldn't get anywhere close to their clear and simple soup, nor would we be able to replicate the bouncy and sweet shrimp wontons the master chefs make. Despite knowing this, we flexed our culinary muscles and attempted to make a decent rendition of wonton noodle soup.

After I did a quick google search of what ingredients we might need for the soup and wontons, we drove to T&T and purchased most of the ingredients. I spotted a container of dried egg noodles that were on sale.


Upon further inspection, I noticed that there were two flavours: regular egg noodles and the shrimp egg noodles. I took a look at the label and saw that it was made by a company in Hong Kong. Done. Looked legit. Apparently one of the more well-known wonton noodle soup shops in Hong Kong uses powdered shrimp eggs in their soup. These shrimp egg noodles were good enough for us.


The bundles of shrimp egg noodles were quite small.

The soup ended up turning into something like Phnom Penh noodle soup since we used pork neck bones and dried squid. I didn't take a photo of the pot. The soup looked just like this pot of Phnom Penh noodle soup though.


As for the shrimp wontons, we used regular ground pork, shrimps, green onions, ginger, oyster sauce, cornstarch, salt, sugar, and a few drops of sesame oil. That's it. Mom chopped everything together until it was a sticky mess. Once cooked, the sticky mess becomes an unbelievably bouncy ball of dim sum-like fare -- mind you, it wasn't as bouncy as these pissing beef balls (skip to 0:38). I took a bit of the filling and nuked it in the microwave to see how it tasted.

It. Was. Amazing. They really tasted like dim sum fare. Though they didn't taste like the shrimp wontons we had in Hong Kong, I was still very happy with the seasoning of this batch.


We filled the wontons quite generously.

The shrimp wonton filling tasted so good that Mom wanted to try and fry them. "They'll taste like the shrimp balls at dim sum," she said. They really did taste like them.

The first few shrimp balls she put into the oil ended up burning. The innards were uncooked so we popped them into the microwave to cook. The rest of the filling were pressed into patties to cook evenly.

Mom also fried these homemade shrimp tempura for an appetizer. She made these shrimp tempura two weeks ago and froze these. Smart.

We used five bundles of shrimp egg noodles to feed seven people (I invited my grandparents over for lunch). The wonton noodle soup still tasted amazing despite the noodles being overcooked. I can't wait to make these again!


  1. You and your mom are AMAZING for making the wonton soup and wontons from scratch! I'm so lazy that even going to the restaurant to grab a bowl is too tedious for me :S The wontons do look amazing AND the shrimp balls/patties :) YUMMY!

  2. yummm this looks so good. i need to go through all your recipes and make them!


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