Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pleasantly Surprised by Buster's Bar & Grill

While I was running some errands earlier this month, I found myself in the Lincoln Fields shopping mall with an empty stomach. It happened to be lunch time. There were a few options inside the mall: McDonalds, Metro, Subway, shawarma, and, Majestic Pizza. I could've also headed out to the Wendy's in front, or grabbed pizza at Pizza Pizza or Gabriel's Pizza.

I peeked inside the doors of Buster's Bar & Grill. The customers seemed to be enjoying their food. Sure, why not? Let's try something new. I thought to myself.

The menu was simple. I opted The Cubano sandwich: pulled pork, smoked ham, swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on a pretzel bun. I have to admit that the hot turkey sandwich looked good too.

As I waited for the platter to come out, I worried about the pretzel bun. I couldn't shake the thought of them giving me a dry and dense pretzel bun out of my head. Once the plate arrived, all of my worries disappeared. Look at that fluffy carbolicious bun!

The sandwich was quite salty from the ham and pickles. I guess that's what the awesome french fries were there for. Let me tell you, these were crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside. The fries actually tasted like potatoes too. I enjoyed the fries a bit more than the salty sandwich.

Fast forward to last Thursday...

I bought tickets to the Washington Capitals vs Ottawa Senators hockey game for one of her birthday presents. She didn't have the car that evening, so we either had to take public transit to the game or find a sports bar that had a shuttle to the game. I called a couple of sports bars but all of them said that they didn't have a shuttle available that evening. Then I gave Buster's a call, after I recalled seeing something about a Sens game shuttle bus during my last visit. Success! They did run a shuttle -- and it was free if we bought a meal there.

The place was packed when we arrived for our pre-game meal. There were many Sens fans sporting their jerseys. I even spotted one Caps jersey. We were seated in a booth towards the back (closer to the doors to the mall). The booths at Buster's were all hard booths. And by that, I mean that there weren't any cushions. Lucy made the mistake of plopping into the booth. Ouch.

"You can choose the main. I'll choose the appetizer." Lucy said.

"Let's try the fish & chips. The last time I was here, I saw a lot of people enjoying that." I responded. "I'm not sure if it was a fish & chip day or something -- there were that many people who ordered it."

We went with one pound of mild chicken wings. I think I've ordered chicken wings probably twice while eating out. Lucy and Jimmy used to go out for wing nights, so she's more of an expert.

I grabbed a saucy drumstick. I immediately noticed a slight crispiness to the skin. The chicken was moist and not overcooked at all, unlike the sad things we usually get when ordering pizza. There was just enough sauce for me. Lucy ate the ones that didn't have as much.

The haddock fish & chips arrived shortly after we began to enjoy the chicken wings. It was a large piece of haddock indeed. We were both glad that we shared the app and main. I found the meaty haddock a bit dry because there was so much meat. The meat itself wasn't dry or anything though. Odd, I know. Lucy really took a liking to the french fries. I found it funny cause we were talking about french fries earlier while walking from the bus stop to Buster's. These french fries definitely hit all the notes like I mentioned earlier. Crisp. Fluffy. Potatoey.

After having some fish & chips, I went back to the chicken wings. They were still slightly crisp! The more I ate the chicken wings, the more I liked them. We were both pleasantly surprised at how good everything was. We agreed that the next time we go to Buster's, we'd order 2 lbs of wings, a basket of fries, and a pitcher of soda.

At the game, which the Sens ended up winning 3-1 against the high-flying Caps, one of my tweets were shown on the large HD scoreboard during both of the intermissions!

Here's a close-up. The full tweet read: @teafortwo_c Cheering on the #PeskySens with @itsybitsypai. #GoSensGo

I think I can speak for myself and Lucy when I say: we can't wait to go back and have those wings and fries!


Buster's Bar & Grill
2525 Carling Ave
Ottawa, ON
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