Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brick Toast at My Sweet Tea


One of my good friends, CA, will be going on a trip to Hong Kong very soon. So on the weekend, we went out to My Sweet Tea to chat and for a little dessert. More so the chatting part... uh... yes...

Last time we tried brick toast for the first time. We had already eaten dim sum before going for bubble tea so we weren't sure if we would be able to finish one by ourselves. That's why we shared one. And I guess it was so good that we killed it in under 5 minutes. We got our own this time.

While looking on the menu, CA was trying to decide which flavour to get. I thought that the condensed milk and chocolate hazelnut would be overkill. We had both assumed they'd be together on the toast. CA said she'd either get the apple cinnamon or chocolate hazelnut (without the condensed milk). But when she ordered it, she asked for the condensed milk and chocolate hazelnut brick toast. Freudian slip, perhaps?

She was confused when it first arrived. We had a good laugh about how she thought she ordered something else. It was meant to be, I guess. CA got a hot drink to enjoy as well.

It crossed my mind to suggest that we combine our sandwiches and make a penta-decker brick toast, but that was just be too fat.

I was either going to get the plain condensed milk brick toast or the chocolate hazelnut. The thing is that I don't like ordering stuff with fresh bananas because I like to eat bananas when they start to get spotted.  Since we had the condensed milk one before, I went with the chocolate hazelnut with banana brick toast and a black milk tea with pearls to drink.

We talked about things to do and eat in Hong Kong. What to buy in Asia *cough* everything *cough* Hello Kitty *cough* and stuff like that. It made me want to go back to Hong Kong. For the goose. For the dim sum. And for the good times to be had with Aunty.

Have a fun and safe trip CA!! Make sure you take lots of photos!

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