Sunday, July 21, 2013

Toronto Weekend July 2013: Part 1


We did a road trip to Toronto for our cousin's wedding last weekend. I'll break it up into two parts. Here's 1 of 2.

I tend to get car sick on road trips because three main reasons: empty stomach, being too warm, riding with a heavy-footed driver. Sometimes it's a combination of the three. The latter didn't apply during the trip. To prevent the first two, I made sure to have a snack before we hit the road and have a bottle of water to keep me cool during the trip.

Our first stop was at the Napanee ONroute. While Andrew got a cheese bagel BELT (bacon, eggs, lettuce, tomato) at Tim Hortons. Nothing special.


Lucy, Jimmy, and I bought some goods from Burger King. I was so excited for the tater tots.

The breakfast sausage patty, in my english muffin breakfast sandwich, was so juicy!

"I'm craving cheesy tater tots," Lucy said. I looked at my breakfast sandwich wrapper and saw that there was cheese stuck on it. And so I made my own cheesy tots. We continued towards Toronto after we finished eating breakfast.


We hit up the Scarborough Town Center for some bubble tea. My almond milk tea with tapioca was quite disappointing. They must've used almond meal or something. Sad face. Andrew went with the oolong milk tea with pearls. Lucy had some fruity iced tea without pearls. Jimmy had the black milk tea with pearls. The oolong milk tea was the winner out of all of our drinks.

Since we had already eaten breakfast, we weren't hungry for lunch -- especially after downing our cold drinks. The wedding reception was at 7pm so we needed to eat before 2pm. We planned to have a bite to eat, head over to the hotel, maybe go swimming, get ready for the wedding, and then attend our cousin's wedding. Where did we eat? Northern Dumpling Kitchen! I've written about it many, many, many times before.

Between the four of us, Lucy only ordered a few things. We started with the lamb noodle soup. It was just as tasty as we remembered.

Soup dumplings aka xiao long bao. And the finale...

Chicken pot stickers aka guo tie or wor tip.

And that's how we graze in our family.

ONroute Napanee
Hwy. 401

Ten Ren's Tea
Scarborough Town Center
300 Borough Drive, Unit 258B
Ten Ren's - Tea & Ginseng on Urbanspoon

Northern Dumpling Kitchen
550 Hwy. 7 E
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Northern Dumpling Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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