Thursday, November 21, 2013

After Work Dinner at Kelsey's

It just so happened that Andrew and I finished work at the same time. Feeling lazy, we decided to grab food before going home.




We were going to head over to Wendy's but ultimately went to Kelsey's instead. We both loved the light humour in their menu. Take a look at their "Chips & Dip"on their Starter menu. They crossed out "Koritos" because apparently their "... legal team said that was too much like that familiar cheesy tortilla chip." Beauty.

Andrew and I were both hungry but couldn't decide what to order. We munched on some spinach dip with baked pita bread as we talked about what we should get.

By the time we ordered our mains, we had almost finished the spinach dip. The Messy Fish Sandwich, made with two beer-battered haddock fish fillets, was crisp and actually wasn't that messy. Andrew said that some of the over-seasoned chips he had were stale though. Those that weren't soggy tasted great with the tartar sauce. He found the chips were too salty by themselves. The kitchen must've mixed in a new batch with the old one.


I went with the chicken fajitas. I received the tortillas along with the fixings first. Unfortunately the tortillas weren't very hot. In fact, it was still cold in the middle. The sizzling plate arrived with peppers, seasoned rice, and the chicken soon after. Instead of asking for a new batch of warm tortillas, I just heated each one on top of the sizzling platter before I ate each one.

Our dinner wasn't anything mind-blowing. We knew we'd get subpar food. The execution of the dishes were suspect, but it was still a good time.

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  1. Your pictures make it look amazing! Not too surprised that the flavours didn't deliver... after all, this is a Cara chain. The food arrives in plastic bags from the factory and the cooks are more like "warmer uppers." The fish batter is described as house-made, likely meaning someone has to add beer and water to the powder (beer bubbles wouldn't survive the trip from the factory). I've discovered I can eat higher quality food at chef-owned and non-chain restaurants for the same price as chains. I do like the salad bar at Scores though. :P

    1. I totally agree. I'm not a fan of these chains. This was one of those rare dinners.


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