Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Sushi - June 20th, 2010

Word has gone around Ottawa that Hockey Sushi has amazing sushi. But after our lunch, we disagree.

While my parents arrive in Paris, Lucy, Jimmy, Richard, Andrew and I are left wondering what to have for lunch. Pizza, pho, dim sum, and Indian food all came up as choices. Instead, we settled on Hockey Sushi. Yes, it was Father's Day and we were aware that we'd probably have to wait a bit longer, but what we went through was not fun.

Once seated, we began filling in our order form for Round 1...

Father's Day Sushi 1
A bowl of miso soup for everyone (Jimmy had two).

Father's Day Sushi 2
A piece of salmon nigiri and spicy salmon roll was ordered to gauge their rice and the rice to fish ratio. The rice was seasoned well, but the slice of salmon was too thin.

Father's Day Sushi 4
Cucumber rolls were ordered to help "cleanse our palate". I know there were a lot of people in the restaurant, but that doesn't mean you have to send out these. One of the first things that popped into my head was, 'that's so sloppy'.

Father's Day Sushi 5
A large plate of our sushi rolls arrived. Notice how thinly they packed the rice? Spicy salmon, spicy tuna, California rolls and shrimp tempura were some of the rolls on the plate.

Father's Day Sushi 6
Shrimp and sweet potato tempura arrived after the plate of rolls. Andrew's piece of shrimp tempura contained a very small piece of shrimp. The sweet tempura was alright. I felt like our order sat on the counter for 5 minutes too long.

Round 2:

Father's Day Sushi 7
The fried tofu we ordered wasn't what I expected. I thought it was going to be agedashi tofu, but alas, it wasn't. It was okay after we put soy sauce and a bit of the tempura dipping sauce.

Father's Day Sushi 8
Another big plate of sushi containing salmon, shrimp tempura, crunchy (tempura bits), and spicy salmon rolls.

Father's Day Sushi 9
These deep fried breaded scallops were okay.

Father's Day Sushi 10
I needed this stir fried udon with chicken. I needed a filler. The udon was actually slightly smoky. The sauce that they used for this stir fry dish was slightly sweet, but I needed a bit of sodium, so I dunked some udon in the soy sauce.

Father's Day Sushi 11
The last dish of the second round was a fish egg salad, which Jimmy wanted to try. It looked like coleslaw with some fish roe. I thought it was pretty funny.

We had our scoops of ice cream for dessert, paid the bill and left. We were at the restaurant for about two hours, most of it was spent waiting for some service. You'd think that because it was Father's Day weekend, that the restaurant would bring in more staff to serve the rush of customers. But no, the 4 waiters and however many kitchen staff were all overwhelmed - thus the long wait times. The kitchen was a bit slow to get out orders, which slowed down the turnover. It's too bad people had to wait so long for their food. We watched one table wait over 30 minutes for a savoury dish, only to arrive a few minutes before their ice cream.

I'm not sure why people are so in love with this sushi place. True, this was our first time there, and it was Father's Day. But what happened to quality control? We were all disappointed with lunch. We had a pretty fun time at the restaurant, but that was only because we were there too long - so long, in fact, that we all became hysterical. We'll have to give Hockey Sushi a try again to give a fair assessment, but it's not looking good.



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  1. Hey Christine - Did they actually serve any raw fish other than salmon??? This really looks like sushi-roll hell.....

  2. Hockey Sushi serves other types of raw fishes, but they just weren't any good. Sad, really.

    Life will feel so much better this weekend - after we hit the chicken and ribfest!


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