Monday, June 21, 2010

Ottawa's Ribfest... Starting Soon! (Updated)

Just a heads up to everyone who loves ribs in the Ottawa valley: the 2010 International Chicken-Rib Cook-Off begins in just two days!

Lucy and I will definitely be heading down for a visit or two.. or more. We hope you can come out for some chicken and ribs, too! Here's what we had last year.

Two days everyone!

Updated on Friday, June 25th, 2010:
Check out our thoughts on this year's competition HERE.

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  1. Hello, there,

    Just like many other people, I have been counting the days to the Ribfest 2010 here in Ottawa. Yesterday, I had a pulled pork sandwich and half a rack or ribs from the first stand: "Silver" or something like that. It was very good!

    Today though, I tried another stand and it was baaad. Last year, "Camp31" was absolutely delicious, so much that we bought a couple big bottles of their sauce! But this year...? Yak...

    I have just returned from that place with a box of ribs and this is my very personal review:

    Camp31 Ribs = DIS-GUS-TING

    What I asked: Half a rack of ribs

    What I got: A smaller version of the half rack if one compares it vs. the Silver ones (first truck coming from Zellers), plus a cup of oil poured all over the ribs

    Texture: Hard, as if the meat had been cooking there for days, not hours. My jaws got tired at times, go figure!

    Colour: Beige on the outside (later, when one bites it, one realises it is one thick layer of fat), and pink in the inside, so they were not throughly cooked

    Sauce: What sauce? Mine didn't have any sauce on them, but LOTS of oil. Tasty oil, mind you, but when I think of ribs, I think of the sauce and the rub, but there was none in these ones. Most fingers get red and saucy after eating ribs. Mine were dripping oil, and I am not exaggerating!! :O

    If I have ribs tomorrow again, I think I will better go for the sure thing and will go back to the Silver ones or might adventure to the third stand close to Bank St.

    I can only imagine what Gordon Ramsey would've done to people working in Camp31 right now!! Sorry if I sound bitter... I just wish someone had warned me about Camp31's awful food this year!! Buuuaaahhh!! ;'''((

    Oh, well!! You've been warned!!


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