Monday, June 21, 2010

Sea King Dim Sum - June 6th, 2010

Sea King restaurant is a relatively new to me, but it has quickly risen up to be one of the top Chinese restaurants in Ottawa. The consistency of their cooks and the decent priced menu have been attracting people for a few years.

We had relatives over from France recently and had brought them out for some dim sum. Here's some of the spread:

Dim Sum at Sea King 1
The pork siu mai was juicy and didn't have too many shiitake mushrooms chunks, which I liked.

Dim Sum at Sea King 2
The shrimp siu mai was okay. I've had better shrimp siu mai elsewhere, where the shrimps were plump with sweet juices, but maybe we just had an off day. These tasted better with their hot sauce and tasty soy sauce. Their soy sauce is similar to the ones found at Yangtze and Chu Shing - perfect for dim sum and noodles that need a bit of extra boost in the flavour department.

Dim Sum at Sea King 3
I didn't have the lo mai gai, but Lucy looked like she enjoyed them.

Dim Sum at Sea King 4
The plate of the beef and vegetable fried rice noodles (aka 'my noodles'). There was enough wok hei, the beef wasn't over tenderized, and the vegetables were cooked perfectly. Only the flavour of the sauce was lacking. I unfortunately had to resort to adding a bit of soy sauce.

Dim Sum at Sea King 5
The shrimp rice noodle rolls weren't that impressive. The shrimps just weren't that plump and juicy - just like the siu mai. We had the beef noodle rolls as well, but there was nothing special about them. One of my younger cousins said that Sea King makes the rice noodle rolls with the youtiao, but we sadly forgot to order it.

Dim Sum at Sea King 6
The last thing that arrived at our table was the deep fried taro dumplings. We had to wait quite long for these, but once the two plates were on our table, they were quickly devoured. These weren't that great that day.

Overall, dim sum was okay. Our whole family started eating around 1:30pm, though, so I want to go back and try their dim sum while it's their lunch rush. Also, the 'kids' table was in the back corner of the restaurant, whereas the table for the elders/guests was located right beside the hallway to the kitchen. That meant that the other table had first pick whenever a dim sum cart came out. The way the tables were layed out towards the back of the restaurant, we were pretty much trapped in by a smaller table. There was an attentive waitress that noticed this. She came over and told us that she could take our order, which was impressive. Other than her, the service wasn't great.
Oh man, I could go for some dim sum right about now...



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  1. Hey Christine - That wu gok looked great!

  2. Hi KirkK, it does look good.. but it fell short in the temperature and flavour department. I wonder why though. We had to wait over 20 minutes for these.


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