Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tim Tams


I fell in love with these devilish Australian treats the first time I tried them a few years back. My uncle had returned from visiting some of our family in Australia and brought some back. I guess he traded the bacon he brought with boxes of Tim Tams. I bought these Tim Tams at a nearby Metro a few weeks back, but they can be supposedly found in Loblaws and other grocery stores.

These few cookies were left to chill in the fridge before consumption. Unfortunately, the rest of the cookies didn't make the trip to the fridge... if you know what I mean. It's an amazing cookie. In the words of Jimmy, "it tastes like Twix." The cookie tastes slightly caramel-y - but without the sticky goo. The cookies weren't as sweet or as caramel-y when I ate them straight out of the fridge.

Tim Tams have a few different flavours: dark chocolate, chewy caramel and black forest to name a few. I don't know if they're all available outside of Australia though. It's okay. The original ones are perfectly fine.


I prefer to eat the Tim Tam cookies when they're at room temperature, even though the chocolate coating melts as you pick them up. It's worth the mess! If you haven't tried these babies yet, do yourself a favour and go find some!

On a random note, drop in at 7-Eleven convenient stores for a free Slurpee® tomorrow (July 11th)!


  1. While the original flavor is the best, they have a HUGE selection of different flavors in Australia (i.e. caramel, honeycomb, hazelnut, etc.) that always gets you excited. I tried almost everyone while I was living in Sydney but still always loved the original the best.

  2. I had Tim Tams in 2007 visiting Australia. In the last few years, I saw them in the grocery store near my house (live in the GTA). First the original, then caramel came too. Have you done the Tim Tam slam? You bite off opposite corners and drink a hot beverage through it like a straw. It melts in your hand and you will eat the whole package quicker than without a drink.

  3. I saw the chewy caramel ones at a different Metro last night. I was tempted to buy it and try the Tim Tam slam. "Should I buy it? It's research for the blog... kind of. But what if it melts in the heat? Should I buy two boxes just in case? Should I get one original and one caramel?" The thoughts floated above my head. In the end, I walked away empty handed. Next time...

    Are there any other ways to eat Tim Tams? The only thing I can think of now is to split the Tim Tam and put a bit of ice cream in the middle.

  4. You are absolutely right...these tim tams are really amazing... :)
    Tim Tams


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