Thursday, May 02, 2013

Lunch in the Lovely Byward Market

Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. VN, KN, and I headed to the Byward Market for a relaxing lunch.

First up: Awesome La Bottega Italian sandwiches. 

These were so good! You've gotta get the spicy eggplants and dijon mustard. It just elevates the already tasty sandwich to something better.

For dessert, we headed to Le Moulin de Provence. This photo was taken back in 2007 when Lucy, JT, and I met up for lunch.

KN mentioned that their almond croissants were heavenly, so I had to check it out and find out if it was as good as she described. I made a scouting trip earlier last month and got some sweets for Lucy's birthday. The almond croissants were simply divine

Hahaa! Like I said, the almond croissants were divine. Even Mom liked it -- the same person who likes to nitpick everything and is a major buzz kill.

We had to go and have some. Had to.


We got some coffee and asked for the croissants to be warmed up.

Chance of survival: 0%

We were on a high after lunch. The endorphins were pumping. We were so giddy that we couldn't even talk properly.

64 George St.
Ottawa, ON

55 Byward Market Square
Ottawa, ON

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