Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sticky Toffee Pudding at Moxie's Grill & Bar

We had plenty of time to grab dinner before a Sens game last week. We weren't craving anything in particular so we just dropped by the Moxie's at (Kanata) Centrum.

Can I just say that I absolutely love the spotlights at the center of each table? Just awesome.

VN had a sandwich with a greek side salad. My main was the linguine with bocconcini-stuffed meatballs with grana padano cheese. I rarely order pasta when I do find myself dining at a north american restaurant/bar & grill. Why overpay for something that isn't very satisfying when I can just make the same dish better at home? I found the pasta and meatballs on the salty side.

Though I admit that it didn't take much at all, VN talked me into having dessert. She highly recommended that we order the sticky toffee pudding so that we could replicate it in the future. We shared the mini portion. The caramel sauce was overkill. Instead of sliced almonds, I would've liked larger chunks of toasted/roasted almonds. Maybe all the sugar from the caramel sauce and the sticky toffee pudding killed my taste buds, but I felt that the vanilla ice cream needed more vanilla flavour.

The Sens ended up losing. It was a frustrating game. Dinner was satisfying though.

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