Monday, May 27, 2013

Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2013

During the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, I covered the 10k, half and full marathon - mainly from the trunk of the lead cars.

I arrived downtown a few minutes before the first 5k started. The second 5k group left the start line as I made my way to the media room in City Hall. 

After I picked up my credentials, I had a snack (catered by Thyme & Again) of red grapes, cheddar cheese, and what seemed like a grilled chicken club sandwich. Once I was finished, I then headed outside to find the race vehicles. 

There, I met Gord and Scott, from the Ottawa Citizen, and Javier who were riding the mens 10k lead car as well.

Here are some of my favourite photos from Saturday. You can view more of the photos I took that day here [link].

Some young kids getting ready to cheer on the 10k runners.

The lead pack running down Elgin Street.

Leah Larocque, Myriam Grenon, and Liz Maguire run together during the 10k event.

The lead pack run along a bend of the road. El Hassan El Abbassi, the eventual winner of the 10k event can be seen behind last year's winner, Geoffrey Mutai, who finished third this year.

I found myself laughing when I took this photo. It looks like Natasha Fraser is running comfortably while the elite mens' lead pack struggles to keep up with her.

The following morning began a bit later than my mornings working the Toronto marathon. This was the scene in front of the start line about ten minutes before the marathon began. You can see James Baker, a wheelchair marathoner, warming up at the bottom right corner of the photo.

The rest of the photos from Sunday can be found here [link].

James Baker taking the lead of the wheelchair marathon. The two participants started five minutes ahead of the marathoners.

Soon after I took this photo, I ran to the trunk of the mens' lead car and tried to get comfortable. Gord, Richard, and I enjoyed each other's company for just over 2 hours.

These two gentlemen were participating in the wheelchair marathon as well. But I'm not sure how it works, because the guy was pushing the wheelchair while the other guy took in the scenery. This was another funny moment because as we drove by them, the gentleman in the wheelchair took out his iPhone and took a photo or video of us. I smiled and waved.

Here's the lead pack running by Dow's Lake and some tulips.

While editing photos of the event last year, I made it a goal to slow down the shutter speed and capture the marathoners from the back of the pace car. It was quite the difficult task. The car kept going over bumps in the road and whenever there was a smooth-ish moment, I couldn't capture any marathoners in the peak moment. I was overjoyed to see that I got this gem.

Did you notice how colourful the marathoners' shoes were?


Kebede, Rotich, and Jufar led until Beechwood. That's where Kebede slowly fell behind. Jufar picked up his pace around the Ottawa Convention Center.

After hanging out at the finish line for a few minutes, I left to empty my memory cards and my bladder. As I approached the media room, I smelled coffee. But it turned out to be decaffeinated coffee. Womp womp.

I enjoyed some bottled water, mini croissant, and mini scones as I waited for the caffeinated coffee.


While I edited photos, the table spread turned from breakfast to lunch. Just look at all of those goodies!


I continued to graze: half a smoked salmon sandwich, strawberries, berry marshmallow, macarons, cute meringues, a bottle of water and a cup of caffeinated coffee to wash it all down.

After my little lunch, I headed back outside for some more photos at the finish line.

The IAAF Silver Labelled Road Race sign for the marathon.


These people were cheering as they were steps away from the finish line.

Just look at the pure joy.

This pace bunny jumped and clicked his heel as he crossed the finish line.

This group of people crossed the finish line hand-in-hand.

Geordie McConnell (aka the Sole Man) crosses the finish line as well. He ran the half marathon wearing the giant shoe to raise awareness about Sole Responsibility, an organization that collects and sends gently used shoes to those in need.


The Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend was a great success. I want to congratulate everybody who completed their race during the weekend. You are awesome!

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