Friday, August 23, 2013

Blendtec Training in the GTA

This past weekend, twenty seven people across Ontario and myself were sent to Mississauga to be trained on a new demo. I currently work for Professional Warehouse Demonstrations (aka PWD). We, PWD, do most of the food demos found at Costco Canada-wide. While some companies do send their own people sometimes, we do everything else. Still aren't sure who we are? We're the people behind those red tables giving out free samples of various of products.

My coworker, Glenn Coco aka GC (her alias), flew to the the Greater Area of Toronto (GTA) on Portei Airlines -- I mean Porter Airlines. We had never flown on Porter so we were both excited. Our flight left Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, we didn't get to check out Porter's lounge at the Ottawa airport.



After we took off and leveled off, we were given complimentary drinks and a light breakfast. There was a muffin and yogurt inside. This was unexpected. We're used to flying other airlines that only provide the minimum water and maybe snack-sized bag of pretzels or something equivalent. Porter provided a little breakfast which was much appreciated.

We arrived at the Billy Bishop Airport safely and took a taxi to headquarters. The training started shortly after. We were being taught the in and outs of the Blendec blender. On a random note, check out these water bottles! I thought it was quite clever that there was space to write your name.

There were plenty of opportunities to try the green smoothies that were made. This one in particular was made with a couple more strawberries. We were bombarded by so much information about the blender. A lot of us started to fade. Our attention started to wander when the rep called for a lunch break.


The late lunch break didn't come soon enough. We had a selection of sandwiches and wraps to enjoy, along with cold drinks in the fridge. I had a salad, cold cut sandwich and wrap with extra yellow mustard, and a pickle.

Having been recharged by the much needed break, we all focused our attention back to learning about the Blendtec blenders. We took turns practicing making smoothies until we wrapped up for the evening.



Dinner was at Montana's. Our table decided to share two appetizers: fried calamari and the Cookhouse Platter containing spinach dip, cheesy garlic bread, and loaded potato skins. The calamari wasn't over fried. I liked the fried red onions as well. They were a bit on the salty side, but I'm sure it's done purposely to encourage drink sales. I didn't have any garlic bread but I did enjoy the spinach dip. It's hard to go wrong with spinach dip. Montana's version was simple and tasted similar to our homemade version [the easy recipe can be found there].

As for the main, A had wings and I shared a pulled pork sandwich with the other A. There was plenty of pulled pork and fried onions. It was alright.

GC picked at her apple pecan salad with fire-grilled shrimp. It looked really good but Glenn Coco didn't like the dressing that came with it.

L had a steak for her main. She didn't like how tough or charred the steak was.

Our table wasn't very impressed with dinner. We left the restaurant and went to our hotel, the Four Points by Sheraton.

Once we checked in and dropped our bags off in our own rooms, we met up at the hotel bar for drinks. L and I each got a brown cow to drink. It's a coffee liqueur, cream, and ice -- it's a white russian without the vodka. It was very smooth and tasty. GC and I didn't stay very long. We left the bar, went back to our room and passed out shortly after.

Full disclosure:
While our flight and accommodations to Mississauga were covered for by PWD, I was not asked to write about this trip. I did not receive any payments to write this. The thoughts and opinions do not represent PWD, Porter Airlines, or Blendtec.

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