Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brunch at Stone Face Dolly's

VN, KN, and I got together at Stone Face Dolly's for brunch earlier this month. We had heard good things and always wanted to try it.

Unfortunately, the waiting list got jumbled up and we ended up getting lost in the queue. We waited for almost an hour and saw other groups of people get seated before us. Some groups had the same number of people and arrived later than us. The last straw was when a large group was seated ahead of us -- they, too, arrived after us. Not cool. There was a mix up between the owner and one of the staff at the front. One explanation we got was that the other people arrived ahead of us, which wasn't true. It was a bad idea to go for brunch during a holiday weekend.

We weren't happy once we were finally seated -- hungrier than angry, but still upset. We promptly gave the waitress our order, cause we knew the kitchen was swamped as well.

VN had the banana bread french toast.

KN had one of their specials; an omelette with a loaded hash, salad, and molasses bread.


My eggs Natasha (poached eggs, English muffin, smoked salmon, spinach, and lemon diablo sauce) looked great! I was disappointed with the overdone eggs though.

Wait, upon further review...

Nope. Overdone. The egg yolk was still soft enough to mash into a jam though. I really liked the kick their lemon diablo sauce. It crept up and tickled the back of my throat. The small bottle of hot sauce on the table was great too.

Although I'd prefer going out for dim sum, I wouldn't mind going back to Stone Face Dolly's for brunch. Not only are their portions generous, but I enjoy the vibe of the restaurant.

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