Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mini Donuts at Costco

When we were younger, Mom used to always say that she'd just quickly run in and grab something at the grocery stores. That "quick" trip usually took at least an hour -- something about long line ups at cash.

Did this happen to you when you were younger?

We never liked shopping because of all the waiting. But there was one place that we always looked forward to: Price Club. We'd go around 1pm and snack on all the free samples for our late lunch. There was one demo that stood out in my mind. The mini donut stand. Do you remember them? I briefly wrote about them a few years ago.

We'd head over to the mini donut stand by the bakery and munch on the warm mini donuts. We'd stand there on our tip toes, or we'd sit in the cart, and get hypnotized by the automated donut fryer. It was always a lovely way to end our shopping trip at Price Club. My favourite donuts were the cinnamon and granulated sugar ones, as opposed to the cinnamon and fine sugar ones they made afterwards.

This morning, when I walked into the Costco in Merivale, I immediately knew that mini donuts were back. But my nose has fooled me before.

I went to the bakery area. No donuts. Where could they be? Perhaps they're at the roadshow location, I thought. The perfume got stronger as I walked past the rotisserie chicken. And there it was...


Mini donuts!


The automated fryer was still there pumping out the batter and flipping the donuts over.

These containers of mini donuts were waiting for their owner.

I had a sample and it tasted just the way I remember. The warm donuts had a thin shell that was pleasantly crispy. And the insides were so fluffy and fragrant. It took a lot of self discipline to leave Costco without buying some -- today anyway.

There were three automated fryers that day. Unfortunately, the demand was so high that they had a line up from noon to close.

Update: They brought in another automated fryer to meet the demands. And as far as I know, only the Merivale location has these mini donuts.

Do you remember when Costco used to have them all the time? I'm so glad they're back. I wish they came back more often too.

Full disclosure:
While I do actually work in the Costco on Merivale, I was not asked to write about these donuts, nor did I receive any compensation for doing so.


  1. Yum! Those donuts look so tasty. I have never tried them before - Costco is pretty new to me :)

  2. Hi folks..the mini donut roadshow ran in various costco locations until December 2013 and we had trouble keeping up with demand and ling lineups etc...costco asked us to fix the problem or we would not be able to continue. .it has taken us several months to retool our kitchens and we are coming back...next week we start in two Costco lications in Brampton and Mississauga. .we will be back in ottawa warehouses in September.

    1. Thanks for your reply Paul. I hope all the kinks have been worked out. I'm anxious for the return of Mini-Donut Express! Now if only there's a way to time it so that they're at the Costco warehouses when they have the coffee roadshow.


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